How To Start A Home Party Business

Almost everyone dreams of starting their own business or working from home. A party plan sales business is one of the easiest ways to make this dream come true.

In a home party business, similar to a franchise, but far less investment required, you are in business for yourself but you are not alone. The company you sign up with will provide you with the support, branding and systems of operations of a major company while allowing you to create your dreams from home.

This page will teach you how to start a home party business by joining an existing party plan brand as an independent affiliate. If you are here looking for the steps to start your own company with your own products then this is the wrong page. Click this link read the ‘How To’ guide on how to start a direct sales company.

Which Home Party Business?

direct selling tips: How To Start A Work At Home BusinessThe first step in starting a party plan business is deciding which niche market best matches your personality and which home party plan company is best for you.

This takes some time so be sure not to rush. Don’t sign up with a company or distributor on a whim without careful consideration.

Remember, you are starting a business that will last for the rest of your life, so it is important that you take your time and make serious decision the careful evaluation.

  • Make a list of your hobbies, passions and skills
  • Elaborate on the list to include how each hobby, passion and skill can benefit others.
  • Start to look at direct sales party plan companies that have products or services that are on your lists

There are hundreds of home party plan companies out there so it is important to find one that matches your personality as well as gives you the structure and branding support that works for you.

This phase of the process should take a few days. Allow your subconscious mind to think about it while you continue to add to the list.

A Party Plan Company For Your Personality

After you narrow down your niche and pick a few products/services that you may enjoy working with it is time to start looking for a home party plan company that matches your personality.

  • Start a list of the companies in your niche that you want to learn more about
  • Research each company’s credentials
  • Learn more about the leader or person you plan to sign up under

Sample home party plan companies

There are many online directories dedicated to how to start a home party business. Each one has an inventory of companies for you to choose from. Companies are listed by both company name, product line and market segments.

Do a Google search for work at home directories and just start perusing your options.

You could also look at different industry accreditation agency’s sites to find lists such as the Direct Selling Association or the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance.

In addition a Google search for your niche followed by the words “home party plan company” will bring up specific companies.

In our example you may search for: home party plan candles or home design party plan company

Create a list of possibles. A spreadsheet would be a good way to organize the possibility that you had a good first impression of.

For example, if you have an interest in babies, home interiors and candles your spreadsheet may look like the one to the above.

Narrow Down Your Home Based Business Choices

This part is very important. After you have done some preliminary research it is important to do some detailed research into all the companies you are considering.

The various  things you should be researching and considering are:

  • Product Line: Do they have a real product, opportunity or service? (A pyramid scheme only sells an opportunity to sell an opportunity.)
  • Kit cost: Not just the cost but is it enough to actually conduct business with.
  • Inventory: Most companies do not require an inventory but you should ask!
  • Compensation plan: Do they have a multi-level compensation plan? different Learn more about the methods of compensation.
  • Show averages: 50% commission is great but what exactly is that 50% of?
  • Requirements for active status: How much do you need to submit per month, quarter, year to maintain active status?
  • Training and support: Online resources, live meetings, coaching, mentoring from the company and your upline.
  • Collateral material: Professional looking printed host, recruiting fliers, catalog, etc. available? Included or extra cost?
  • Website: Provided, free, minimums, maintenance of….
  • Online policy: Are you permitted to blog, social sites, links to your site?
  • Personality of your leader matches yours: You do not have to sign under anyone you do not like. Remember you can choose your leader!
  • Solid company brand: Are they providing a recognized brand? Or are they currently building the brand?
  • Solid financial base: Will they be in business next year?

download a party plan Checklist

At this point it is a good idea to look at some party plan salesbusiness review sites. Check the Direct Selling Association and/or the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance for their membership and verify the company’s ethics and credentials any way you can.

There is a lot of talk about ground floor opportunities but it is not much of an opportunity if the floor falls out from under you!

Talk to consultants and leaders in the company before making the final decision on which one to join! Do your home work!

Read more on picking whether or not a joining a ground floor opportunity is a good or bad idea.

Mistakes Made When Picking A Home-Based Business

Don’t make these classic mistakes when picking your home-based business:

  • Sign up in the heat of the moment at a home party without any thought
  • Sign up without doing your research
  • Expect to squeeze it in between your other activities
  • Expect the products to sell themselves

Most new companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars getting started. A direct sales party plan company is similar to a franchise in that the main company brand is taking all the risk, investing the build of the money and promoting the brand.

Home Party Plan Dream Come True Or A Path

A home party plan business can be a dream come true or it can be the path to take you there!

Even the smallest franchise opportunity is hundreds of thousands of dollars. In direct sales your financial investment is small but don’t let that minimize your effort because the return can be as vast as any other business.

Often the fact that we only invest a few hundred dollars makes us think it will not pay off… we do not expect much. The party plan business model has as much potential as any franchise so treat it as if you invested $100,000!
Dana Phillips, Team Connections, International Coach Federation
I would strongly recommend to take this as a serious business from day one, just like any other business. Success and high income are a combined result of hard work, perseverance and dedication only.
Hakki Ozmorali, Direct Sales Consultancy

Key To Home Party Plan Success

The most important aspect of starting a home party plan business is treating it like a business. That does not mean you need to work full time. It just means that you invest in your business.

  • Financial investment
  • Time investment
  • Educational investment
  • Emotional investment

Everything good involves effort so put the time into learning your new trade and reach for your goals.
direct sales success

Family Support In Party Business

The very nature of the home party business is that most new consultants expect their family to support them. While this is nice, no company depends entirely on friends and family to create their profit.

The expectation is not a fair way to do business.

In an ongoing survey of 1000+ Cash Flow Show website purchasers, we are continually learning that many direct sellers expect more support from their family.

The key to a successful party plan business is to have a wide variety of marketing systems in place, not JUST friends and family.

Investing in education, especially in learning how to become an expert in scheduling shows and finding business is key to your party plan success! (It won’t happen without YOU investing time and emotions.)

how to start a home party business

Spouse Support IS Important

While you should not go into business EXPECTING your family to support you it is almost essential to your long term business success that your spouse is on the same page with you as you launch your new business.

In another survey of direct sellers we probed 270 responders and learned how important your spouse’s support really is!

Your spouse is your partner and when working at home, even if they are not going to actually “work” your home party business their support is key to YOU sticking with it.

Read more about how an unsupportive spouse can jeopardize business and how you may be able to get him or her on board.

In our survey we found that of the 167 responders on the new consultant level they had mixed levels of support as indicated on the chart above.

When asked how important spouse support is to their business success they said:

Extremely… I depend on my family and friends a great deal to encourage me when I become unsure of things and for them to give me constructive criticism.
Betty Ryan, Thirty-One Gifts
Very. It makes it easier to work from home and I enjoyed the excitement I saw on my son’s face when he learned about my first party and how much I made from it.
Linda O'Donnell, Fantasia Home Parties
I think it plays a huge part. I doubt if I can do this long without the validation from my husband. I love it and am having a hard time staying motivated since he does not support me especially in the time I spend at it. He sees it as a take away rather than a contribution to the family.
Melissa M., Avon
My husband was skeptical, but he started changing his thinking when I took on paying some bills – most notably, the car payment. He can see now that I work hard and enjoy the work, and he supports me.
Sandy Kreps, Scentsy Family

Interestingly when tallying up the leader’s and the long term consultant’s poll the results were not so mixed. Notice how almost everyone in a party plan leadership level as well as those who have been in the industry for more than 6 years DO have the support of the family:

direct sales leadership roles
start a home-based business
Do you think that those who did not have spouse support (like Melissa above) quit and did not become leaders?

My guess is yes! Those who have their spouse on their team go on to long term successes. When asked for tips on how to get spouse support we heard:

I recommend that they take their business seriously, and show up for work every day. When their families see them taking their business seriously, they are more apt to be supportive. I also think it’s important to show where the money/income from the business is helping their family.
Amy Spairana, Tastefully Simple
Include them into the decision making process so that they feel a part of it, and ask them for help and what they can do to help you to work together!!! Thank them for the help they give and reward them when you get rewarded with money, lunch, fun times together!!
Brenda Boyd, Gold Canyon Candles
Share how important their support is to you and what you intend to accomplish with your business and how it will affect the whole family.
Betty Ryan, Thirty-One Gifts
Being excited about your business is infectious!!! Ask them to help you with small things you may need. Let them know your business has helped to get extra things for them they otherwise may not have had.
Lisa Brubeck, The Scentsy Family

How To Start A Home Party Business Print/Download PDF Checklist Guide

download a party plan Checklist
This download guide includes a check list of all the important aspects of how to start a home party business.

This is an important decision that can change your life… treat it as such.

Do your research and make sure to have the support of your family!

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