Add Meeting Ice Breakers To Team Training Events Or Parties

When you incorporate good meeting ice breakers into your training opportunities, you will improve your overall team retention.

Icebreaker games can certainly be unique or traditional but of course the goal is always to get a crowd mingling and talking amongst themselves.

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Whether this be at your home party or at a direct sales training meeting, the end result is the same.

Your attendees make friends, relax and become more comfortable. The game literally breaks the ice!

Direct Sales Consultants Who Make Friends Do Not Quit!

When you make special efforts to incorporate networking and “friendship” building activities at your direct sales meetings your consultant retention will increase.

A good icebreaker can make the difference between a good direct sales team meeting and a great one.

Meeting Makers Make More Money!

Meeting makers make more money and they also make friends.

meeting ice breakers
Friends do not let friends down and no one quits who is making money.

Using that logic the best way to improve team retention is to get your direct sales consultants to team training meetings and encourage them to make friends. When you focus on team friendship building you will improve your direct sales team retention.

Meeting Ice Breakers

In general, a good icebreaker for your next meeting will encourage your team to get up on their feet and interact in a non-threatening way.

Some activities are simply too long for the time allotted, or are inappropriate for the surroundings.

Some require a level of physical contact which will make some participants uncomfortable.

Icebreakers should be chosen with an idea of how long they will take to complete and the level of information that particular ice breaker is asking team members to share. You want your team to share some basic information with one another along with smiles, if not laughter, without taking up the entire meeting!

Use these icebreakers at your team meetings or at your home shows so that everyone has fun and wants MORE!

Icebreakers For Meetings Keep The Team Coming Back For More!

There are lots of meeting ice breakers that you could include in your team meeting.

Just make sure that you ALWAYS PLAN your team meeting icebreakers so that the team becomes friends. When your team builds relationships then they will return to the meetings to see their friends!

Good team leaders take the time to make a plan for the networking session so that your team connections are not left to chance!

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