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Email Subject Lines

Email Marketing Subject LinesThere are three key best practices to remember when email marketing and thinking about your subject line.

  1. Avoid blatantly spammy looking stuff.  This includes anything in ALL CAPS, overuse of punctuation, especially exclamation points!!!!, and any number of words that can flag your email as spam (see list below).
  2. Make sure that the recipients can easily recognize you based on your “from name” and subject line.  If they don’t recognize you as the same company or individual that they signed up to receive email from, then they will probably regard it as spam.
  3. Give the recipient a reason to open and read your email.  Make your subject line interesting and enticing so that the recipients actually *want* to read it.  Having people receive your email but not open or read it can eventually result in your future emails being regarded as spam, even if you do everything else perfectly.

Spencer Howerton’s List Of Spammy Lines

I personally sort through my spam myself because whenever I allow the spam filters to do so, I always end up losing “not spam” mail.

Remember also, that even if you do allow all mail into your inbox without the benefit of your spam filters checking it, that your server has their own spam filters which you can not control.

For example, Comcast has very stringent spam blockers and they frequently flag regular mail as spam based on the number of links in it or some other rule that they have put into place.

 Email Marketing Subject Lines

This is the list of email marketing subject lines to avoid.

They are labeled as spam by email providers.

It is amazing to me how many of these spam words I receive in my inbox everyday.

I have typed the ones in red that I have received in my inbox within the past couple of days!

50% off!

Click Here
Call now!
Earn $

Eliminate Debt
Double your income

You’re a Winner!
Reverses Aging
Information you requested
“Stop” or “Stops”
Lose Weight
Multi level Marketing
Million Dollars

Cash Bonus
Promise You

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Serious Cash

Search Engine Listings
Act Now!
All New
All Natural
Avoid Bankruptcy
Special Promotion
Easy Terms
Get Paid
Guarantee, Guaranteed
Great offer
Give it away, Giving it away
Join millions
Meet Singles
No cost, No fees

One time
Online pharmacy
Online marketing
Order Now
Please Read
Don’t Delete
Save up to
Time limited
Unsecured debt or credit
Visit our web site

While Supplies last
Why pay more?
Work at home
You’ve been selected

As Seen On…
Buy Direct
Consolidate Your Debt

Practice writing better email marketing subject lines and you will get a better received rate which will give you a better open rate!

Check out and sign up for your 30 day trial.


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