4 New Consultant Tips For Success

Any new direct sales consultant who applies themselves to achieving a solid business can succeed.

These 4 tips for new consultants are the most common answers that we hear when we post on Facebook asking:

“What new consultant tips do you have based on what you have learned since starting your direct sales business?”
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These direct selling tips will set your business on the track to achieve your goals and become the next direct sales success story!

1 – Create A Solid Base For Your Business

When you use all the possible services that your company provides and offer them to a wide variety of consumers you will have a solid foundation.

  • Utilize all aspects of your company‚Äôs services: For example, market live shows, catalog shows, bridal showers, gift certificates, fund-raiser shows, etc.
  • A balanced business uses every lead generation technique available: Party plan is a referral system that utilizes friends, family and acquaintances.

A solid business base will offer all the possible services you have to include contacts that fall into 7 categories: friends, family, acquaintances, work, schools, organizations and strangers.

One of the reasons many party plan businesses fail is the new consultant focuses only on one service, the party or online sales, etc. and offer that only to one type of customer such as friends or family.

When you create a balanced business tree with customers falling into all categories your business will self-perpetuate.

2 – Use MANY Lead Generation Systems

There are hundreds of places to market your business for FREE.

If you do not have enough business, then chances are you are not taking advantage of all the resources available to find home party bookings.

Some examples of lead generation systems that all successful consultants use include:

  • Fairs and Expos: Go as a guest and network with the vendors.
  • Public Speaking: This does not have to be speaking to hundreds of people. There are hundreds of clubs, organizations and groups that are looking for free speakers within only a few miles of your home office.
  • Libraries and Community Centers: Both libraries and community centers (such as senior centers, neighborhood centers, etc.) are always looking for programming.
  • Internet Directories: Searches on the internet for your niche market will turn up hundreds of lists of people who have an interest in your product line.
  • Social Clubs: Both online and offline clubs will also be a lead generation system that can be tapped into.

There are hundreds of ways to market your direct sales business without spending money so just keep adding more techniques till you have the business you desire.

3 – Stay Committed! Be Consistent!

The 80:20 rule would not exist if everyone practiced this secret direct sales success.
Of all the tips I could give you this is by far the most important!

Most businesses and business owners do not stick around long enough to attain success.

You must accept (and enjoy) the process and create systems that will allow you to consistently work your business on an ongoing basis.

You cannot fail if you never quit.

The very definition of commitment is that you keep going until success is achieved.

4 – Create Systems In Home Business

People never fail, only systems fail!

If your system is not successful after you consistently work it, then find a new system.
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The only way to fail is to stop.

Effectively working your business and staying in the game and finding systems that work for you will assure success.

This website is dedicated to bringing you direct sales systems that will work in all sales businesses.

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All serious consultants join the CFS Club!

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What tips do you have for new consultants?


    Shared by: Liz Partreste:

    Love that graphic. you are right the key is to keep at it. I had no idea how much I could achieve but I also was expecting it to be a fall in your lap income. We need to be better at conveying the fact that there is no such thing as get rich quick and it takes some effort.

    I almost quit bit glad I stuck it out.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Thanks, Liz – glad you stuck it out, and yes you are right, we need to imply it takes effort not that it is ‘EASY’!

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