What Is The Best Time To Call?

I am often asked what is the best time to call your home party plan hostesses, customers or leads.

The best time to call is the time that is best for you!

What Time Is The Best Time To Call Party Plan Customers?

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Of course be realistic. Don’t call in the middle of the night!

Be aware though that when you say “I am not calling now;  they might be eating dinner” you are just making an assumption based on your experiences.

You actually have no concept of when they eat dinner.

If you were to refrain from calling me between 6 and 7 because I might be eating dinner you would miss it by a mile.

I tend to eat a late/big lunch and then have a light supper after I am done working. This is usually after 7 PM. So, if you call at 7-9 you may get me during dinner.

It does not matter when you call because you are not a mind reader and do not know what is going on in their life.

Best Time To Make Sales Calls

The best time to call do all business follow up calls is whatever the best time is for YOU!

Then open the conversation with “can you talk now?” or “is this a good time?”

Keep these things in mind when making your calls:

  • What time zone are they in?
  • Never call before 9 AM in that time zone.
  • Never call after 9 PM in that time zone.

Best Time To Make Cold Call

The best time to make a cold call or a series of cold calls is on the nights that you want to do shows!

If you want to do a show on Tuesday and Thursday every week and you have a empty Tuesday (or a cancellation) then that is the best time to call!

Cold calls made on the empty ideal show dates will do 2 things:

  1. Find people who are at home on your ideal show dates.
  2. Fill those dates for the future!

Plan to use every ideal show date that does not have a show scheduled to make your cold calls. The consistency of working your business on the days that you plan to work regularly will fill your calendar!

Customer, Hostess, Lead Follow Up

It is essential that you do your follow up in a timely manner.  Any customer, hostess or lead that you meet at a home party, expo, networking event, or anywhere you happen to meet them should be called and followed up on within 48 hours.

The goal is to call them while they still remember who you are.  After that the “warm” lead becomes a cold lead.

The BEST time to make your follow up calls of any kind is in a timely manner whenever it is good for you! DO IT NOW!

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