Create Business Momentum For Self-Perpetuating Business

Direct sales is not easy – – but it is a simple business model that works!

When does this get easier?!!

Business momentum is what it takes to create a self-perpetuating business!

Think about a train… it is hard to get it moving but when it is rolling along, momentum makes it easy to keep on going!
Business Momentum
It is tough to stop a moving train!  Your business is the same!

It takes effort to get it going but once you have it rolling along, life gets easier!

Create Business Momentum!

When does this get easier?!!

When you have your ideal show schedule in place and keep it that way by actually performing that many shows for 3 consecutive months you will develop a self-perpetuating business!

Business momentum will kick in because you will be standing in front of the majority of your future hosts at your parties.
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What is your ideal show schedule?

Put it in place allowing for 25% cancellations and perform your ideal show schedule 3 months in a row.

At that point, your outside activities will be less than your show activities because you will be meeting most of your new shows at existing shows.

Then the networking activities which you perform outside your party will keep new blood coming in to keep your business tree strong.

The Cash Flow Show party plan training program is founded in systems that create business momentum so that your business train never stops rolling!

Many direct sellers quit before their business begins to self-perpetuate because they expected it to be easy!

Everything good involves effort!
Put the time and effort into it, don’t quit and it will pay off!

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