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Wow! We had a really great show last night! (June 24, 2015)

We talked about bookings as we usually do on the 4th Wednesday monthly…

Jenn @ Do You Bake? was our first guest.

She shared a strategy that she uses to make phone calls more productive by working on a variable calling schedule!

Listen to the first half here and/or visit the radio page to check the broadcast times and listen to the full show (through 7/7/15).

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Start Strong With Basics

There are fundamental things you can do to build success.

It does take time! Everyone would do it if it just fell in your lap!

The attitude that new consultants should maintain is the go for no philosophy!

The more no’s the better!! Document your activity so you see the no’s and the occasional yes!

Train & Use Staggered Calling Schedule

Teach your new consultants to use the variable calling schedule to create better results.

Write a schedule so that your calling times are different each day or week. This way you have a better chance of reaching people.

One day call make your calls from 9 to10 am. The next day 10 am to noon, then noon to 2 pm, another day 7 to 9 pm, and continue to rotate your call times from day to day and week to week.
How To Train Bookings
This will improve your answer rates!

When Jenn first started her business her upline taught her this system then they tracked their results. What they found was that a consistent calling schedule that utilizes different times of the day produces better results overall.

Try it yourself then periodically look at:

  • How many calls were made?
  • How many people did you talk to?
  • How many actions or successes did you get?

New Consultants Expand Circle

Teach your team to fill their calendar using friends, family, neighbors, work, organizations AND to expand their friendships by attending or participating in:

  • Vendor Events
  • Chamber Of Commerce
  • Business Mixers
  • Asking for Referrals

Combine the go for no philosophy with a fluctuating schedule and your team will start to produce more effective calling results.


    Good for you, Rebekah – great idea too.

    Shared by: Rebekah Gienapp:

    Great ideas! One of the reasons I keep a call log notebook for my leads is so I can see if I’ve been trying to reach them only in the daytime or evening time, I can switch the next time I’m making calls.

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