How To Start A Conversation Out

One of the simplest way to turn a casual conversation into a business lead is to stop trying to do so.

One of my favorite lines is “stop recruiting and start making friends”.

That really is the key to sales…. relationship building.

How To Start A Business Conversation

How To Start A ConversationInstead of trying to start a direct sales business conversation you should just try to start the conversations with the goal of making friends.

When you understand what a lead is….  just the beginning of your relationship, then you may be able to convert the new found friend into a business relationship down the road.

The fact is that people buy emotionally.

So, whether you are looking for a new consultant, a new hostess or trying to pass out your catalog it won’t happen without developing a relationship and making an emotional connection.

People do not invite strangers over to their house, so start by making friends!

How To Start A Conversation: Compliment Them!

The easiest way to start a conversation is with a compliment!how to start conversations

  • My what beautiful children you have!  How old are they?
  • What a gorgeous baby!  What is her name?
  • OH, I just love our earrings!  Where did you get them?

Notice how each compliment ended in a question.

When you practice the 10 second rule, always end in a question and don’t go for the ‘close’ unless they give you a window you will keep the focus on them.

When carrying a conversation on in this manner sooner or later you will learn something about them that you can use to provide value to your new friend.

Sprinkling the benefits of your business within conversations will create desire and the window will open for you to make an offer!

Conversation Starter Questions

When out and about it really is easy to start a conversation when you are not trying to GET them to do something!

There are many ways to start a conversation with people.

The first step is always put on your best smile and make eye contact.

Then ask a one of these simple conversation starter questions and always end in a question:

  • Ask them about their shirt: I love Australia, did you go on vacation there?
  • At the grocery store ask them what they are cooking: I never used pomegranates before what are you making with them?
  • Ask them if they are in a hurry?  These lines are terrible…. are you in a hurry?  Would you like to go in front of me?

To Start Conversations Out And About

You will get bookings for home parties when out and about if you are not pushy and just reach out to people in a friendly manner.

When you make friends you are expanding your circle of influence. The more friends you have then the more leads you have!

The lead may not convert today or maybe not ever but if you never make friends it is surely not going to convert into a closed deal!

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