What Are The Best Colors For Business?

I was asked to do an article on the best colors for business – a tough topic because everyone is different!

As you may (or not) know, I am a big follower of Feng Shui principles in my life.

Simply put, Feng Shui is the alignment of energy to each person’s life.
colors for business

It is an Eastern philosophy similar to Chinese horoscopes.

A person’s actual Feng Shui sign is based on 8 principles where as the place mat in an Asian restaurant only takes into account one of those.

There are certain colors that are better for certain people based on their birth time which is far too complicated for this article!

As an example, my Feng Shui sign is in the Woods trigram. The color for this is green and green is produced by blue. So, green and blue may be good colors for me….

TMI – too much information!

Colors For Business

Let’s keep this article on a more basic level to discuss colors for business!

Every color has a meaning and a message so pick your colors carefully depending on what you want to accomplish on a given day.

  • Purple is usually used for products or situations that are targeting women.

It is a sign of wealth and prosperity and can have a calming effect. It is also considered nostalgic. Men are often not very fond of purples.

  • Blue is also a calming color.

It is one of the most popular business colors because it brings a feeling of trust and dependability. Because of that it may also bring out a feeling of conservatism.

A good blue suit is often considered the ideal job interview attire for these reasons!

  • Green is a natural color and brings great harmony.

Green is a good business color to wear or to include in your literature or website for almost any business. Stay away from really bright greens.

Light greens = freshness and growth while dark greens are related to money and prestige. Distributors specializing in health and wellness will do well with greens.

  • Yellow is an interesting color, especially for a business dealing with kids.

It stimulates thought and communicates friendliness but may cause anxiety on the long term.

It is best, as they say in Feng Shui, when used as a charge (highlight) color. If your clientele is predominately male, then stay away from it!

  • Orange┬ásignifies organization and is another color that should not be your dominate one.

It is a very yang (strong) color and can be a boost to creativity.

If your business is related to organizing then it is a great color to use but be careful about overuse as it may imply cheapness or arrogance.

  • Last, red – the color of good fortune, confidence and good luck….

Be careful with red as it also is the color of anger and violence!

Red is a perfect color for any business related to love. It is also a sign of great strength so is often good for men.

Next time you get dressed, before you pick out your wardrobe, think about what you want to accomplish that day!

Often times we gravitate naturally toward our best colors so please share in the comments….

What is your favorite business color?


    Shared by: Linda Rennie:

    Thank you for this article, tho now I am more confused. My company has used hot pink for the last several years, and I found that it is 1 or 2 of my best-to-wear colors. I accent my displays with hot pink and a white table cloth. Do you see a better color or solution for me?

    Shared by: Vanessa Whitten:

    Thank you! Yes I meant for the table linens and product display stands also with the Black vs. White. But I like the pink idea ­čÖé

    Shared by: Vanessa Whitten:

    With colors would you recommend a white or black to display items? I always thought Black was dark and that white presented a crisp clean look. I typically wear a grey shirt when I present, because I thought to take away the look of me and more towards the products. It is very interesting to see all the colors symbolizims

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      I am not sure if I understand your question, Vanessa – B & W display items meaning the products are or your display table?

      Anyway I think you are n the right track. Not being too intense to overwhelm the audience. Pink is a calming color and feminine too. If your audience is young you can’t go wrong.

      A very light pink shirt might be the nice touch with black. Don’t get hung up on this just food for thought.

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