Overcome Sales Objections! Brag The Objection

When you voice common sales objections or excuses that people always use during the course of your show,  you will overcome that objection.

I call it brag the objection!

“August is a terrific month to host a show because I have my theme show Get Out of the Heat and Enjoy the Air Conditioning Show!”

common sales objectionsThat is an example of how to brag the objection during your show.

If you say the exact reason why people should do the objectionable thing. then you will overcome it.

Script Brag The Objection Lines!

Use statements that brag about the things that people use for a good excuse and you will overcome the excuse before they even say it.

Start a list of the common sales objections you hear, then create a one-liner that you can use during your show (or in conversation out and about) to brag the objection.

Other examples of lines that are bragging about a common excuse that you may hear include:

  • Objection: I can’t have a show in January because of the snow!

Brag The Objection: A lot of people think they cannot have a show in January because of the snow, but really it is the best time of the year because it has the highest host specials of the year for that exact reason! So, I reserve January ONLY for tried and true past hosts!

That line will have people scrambling for a date in January!

  • Objection: The products are too expensive!

Brag The Objection: You can get this a lot cheaper at the dollar store or Walmart but you do not get me to assist you in picking the exact solution you are looking for!  MyFantastic company provides unparallelled customer service and the products come with no-questions-asked returns!  I am here for you!

  • Objection: I do not want to push my family and friends into having shows!

Brag The Objection: When I first joined MyFantastic Company I was afraid of asking people to have shows because I did not want to be pushy but I found that it is easy to have a full calendar without depending on friends and family.  I have more business than I can handle some months and pass them down to my team on occasion.Brag The Objection

  • Objection: My husband will get mad if I join! (or have a party)

Brag The Objection: At first my husband was upset but when he saw my first paycheck he was thrilled!

Brag The Objection: When I hosted my first party my husband was annoyed but now he LOVES when I have parties at our house because he and the guys get to go out for guys’ night!

Overcome Sales Objections

Bragging the objection does not mean that you say the above lines AFTER they voice their concern.

Scripting out these one-liners and saying them DURING your party presentation will preemptively defuse the concern before they say it.

Give it a try!

What common sales objections or recruiting concerns do you hear all the time?

Tell us below in the comments and script out a brag that you can use in the future to overcome it before they say it!


    Shared by: Norma:

    I always hear – I have enough jewelry.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Brag the objection:
      “Some people say that they have enough jewelry and yet you can never have too many beautiful and unique pieces!”

    Shared by: Norma:

    What a great topic. Something I had not really thought about but oh so good!!!! I will be sharing this! 🙂

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