Customer Relationship Management Techniques

Sales is service! So every direct sales rep needs a customer relationship management system!

That may sound like a fancy name that corporations use for their client services department!

Customer management systems come in many forms.

An example is the customer loyalty cards that I would guess your wallet is undoubtedly stuffed with!
The point is that it is easier and more profitable to generate business from repeat customers than to look for new ones.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management is the act of managing your interactions with existing customers.

Simply put: you have a plan!

Generally, a good program will ensure repeat business!

There are many techniques that will generate repeat business and keep your customer focused on YOU as their go-to person.

Consider this list when making a system to manage your client data base.

  • Make customer service calls a priority
  • Schedule customer order follow-up calls
  • Send personalized thank you cards
  • Create a customer rewards program
  • Create incentives to keep them buying
  • Send personalized postcard sale reminders
  • Create coupons & product club cards
  • Ask for and give customer referrals
  • Offer a future savings coupon to redeem on their next order or at a future party
  • Offer free shipping for refill or online orders
  • Run customer or lead prize drawing promotions
  • Create your own promotional sales & special offers

Create Customer Management System Of Calling

Customer relationship management can be as simple as deciding to make three calls a day to past customers.

This small action will make a big impact on your business when you do it daily – every day, no matter what!

Make customer service calls a priority!

Using a regular system of customer centric customer care calls for your business to stay in touch with your clients is one of the most effective systems for managing your data base.

These calls could be:

  • Out Of The Box Calls
  • Thank You Calls
  • It’s Customer Service Week Calls

A face-to-face thank you can go a long way in building and maintaining good customer relations with your customers.  Consider adding customer appreciation parties to your repertoire of events.

Alternately, if you have an important customer, stop by his/her office with cookies or candy or host a small lunch with a few of your best customers.

Customer appreciation will keep them coming back to you.

As we launch into 2016 – NOW is the perfect time to create and start an ongoing communications plan for your existing customers.

Frequent customer communication is key to forming and maintaining good relationships and generating more repeat loyal customers.

Follow the example of major online and off-line retailers by communicating often and sending follow-up mailings or emails after each purchase.

There are many direct sellers out there so make sure YOU stand apart from the rest!

Please Share In The Comments Below One Of Your Customer Relationship Management Tips!


    Shared by: Matthew:

    Great advice Deb, certainly creating my action plan now as we approach 2016. Thank you

    Shared by: Veronica Smith:

    Thank you for all your great posts. Some ideas I never thought of but will try for sure. love this one on the customer punch cards.

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