Define Direct Sales: Art, Science, Skill

Deb Bixler’s official marketing definition is:

Marketing is the art, science and skill of creating more and more desire in the marketplace for your product, opportunity and services.

So, you can define direct sales as:

  • Art: an expression of creativity.
  • Science: systems.
  • Skill: something you develop with practice.

Direct Sales: Art, Science & Skill!

When you combine art, science and skill it becomes a beautiful creation and people will flock to your business!


Direct Sales Is Art

Like this  night time image taken at a ski slope, your business must have a creative flair. Can you see the beauty? Can you share the beauty so that others can connect with it?

You must capture the artistic part of your business and connect it with peoples’ lives emotionally so that you can use attraction marketing.

Selling Systems Are Science

The beauty of photography cannot be conveyed without the science and neither can your business.

The principles (facts) behind your products, opportunity and services coupled with a systematic approach will help you to share your message.

Businesses never fail, people never fail, only systems fail!  (Deb Bixler)

Sales Is A Skill

You can study photography all your life and never take a picture that elicits a WOW!

Direct sales is the same way.

You could learn everything you need to know on the topic of how to to direct sales but if you never put it into practice you will never get good enough to make a living.

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You can always make up in numbers what you lack in skills and the numbers will give you the skills! (Deb Bixler)

While the true definition of direct sales may be somewhat more descriptive, when we define direct sales to include art, science and skill, then like a photographer, a direct seller must learn the art and science of direct selling, then combine that with practice to develop the skills!

You too can take great pictures!

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