Direct Sales Business Ethics

The topic on last night’s Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio was ethics in direct sales.

The somewhat dry topic of direct sales business ethics turned out to be a great conversation between host Deb Bixler and guest Kathy Yellets!

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Direct Sales Business Ethics

Ethics in direct sales is something that should be talked about more often!

Just like the corporate world, product knowledge alone will not take your business to the next level.

Kathy found that in the corporate world the sales reps who developed relationships are the ones who are the most successful in any industry.

People do not buy products based on features, they buy from people.

Your integrity counts!
Direct Sales Business Ethics

When a leader has a rigorous home business ethics philosophy, so will the downline.

You are the first impression not just to your customers but also to your team. You are the first impression not just of your products or company but of the direct sales industry as a whole.

The member companies of the Direct Selling Association are required by the DSA Code of Ethics to provide ethics training.

Most leaders and companies only train ethics when a problem arises!

Business And Ethics At Vendor Events

Business and ethics go hand in hand in all industries.

Often vendor events bring out the need for ethics training in regard to the team relationships and also the new leads met at the event.

The team leader must create a plan so that consultants feel as though the leads generated are being fairly distributed among all the participants. When a leader makes it clear up front that unethical behavior (lead stealing) will not be tolerated and has a plan of equitable lead sharing the vendor event will be profitable for all.

You often meet potential hostesses or new consultants at a vendor event that may already be working with another distributor. It is important to respect that relationship unless they indicate a reason they may want to change reps.

Be ‘on alert’ to ask each potential lead if s/he is already working with another consultant in your company.

Ask yourself: “How would I feel if someone recruited my customer???”

Direct sales business ethics are applied to all parts of your business.

When people throughout an organization adhere to a common set of values – helping others & serving the public – there will be a trickle down effect.

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