Write Direct Sales Business Plan

Listen to the Cash Flow Show – Direct Sales Radio and learn exactly how to write your direct sales business plan!

All successful businesses have a business plan.

A direct sales business plan will assist you in achieving your goals in business as well as increasing your tax deductions.

I am often asked “What are the secrets to success in a home business?”

The true secret to success in any business is to treat it like a business or a profession.

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It does not matter what your goals are; it is important to have a plan!

All successful businesses have a written plan! It is one of the many secrets to success!

Write A Direct Sales Business Plan

Writing a direct sales business plan will chart your course to success. It is a flexible and dynamic set of actions that all successful businesses utilize!
Direct Sales Business Plan
You don’t just write it once, then forget about it. ┬áIt is something to look at and work from all year and is a perpetual work in progress.

Your business plan provides you with a marketing path to follow in your business and it makes you IRS-compliant for taking the home office deduction as well.

NOTE: We are not giving you legal advice or advising you on your income tax. Please talk to a knowledgeable direct sales-specific accountant regarding your personal situation.

The full Cash Flow Show – Direct Sales Radio broadcast will teach you the step-by-step approach to writing your direct sales business plan and how to use it to drive your business toward your goals.


    Shared by: Apryl:

    Where are the business plan samples located on your site? I was not able to find them.

    Shared by: Christy Rivers:

    Awesome information. I love how you mentioned PROFESSIONALISM is an attitude not a time commitment. So true. Professionalism plays a huge key in successful home parties and anywhere else in your daily lives.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Thanks for sharing, Christy – It is always nice to hear from happy fans!

    Shared by: carol:

    Hey Deb,
    Do you offer help in using quickbooks in your direct sales business?

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Well, I never have Carol – I am certainly not a QB expert. I have been using it for almost 5 years so know how to get around but I am not sure if I would be a coach in that topic!

    Shared by: kathy hill:

    Great info. thank you!

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