A Purple Cow = Direct Selling Marketing Technique

One of the best direct selling marketing strategies that I have used and incorporated in my business is Seth Godin’s philosophy of being a purple cow!

Be A Purple Cow!

Seth Godin’s book Purple Cow is all about setting your marketing strategies apart from everyone else.
Seth Godin Purple Cow
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Cows can be boring especially when you see a lot of them.

But a purple cow… now that would be memorable.

When you and your business are memorable then business will boom.

Once you become a purple cow you will always be remembered and that will pay off in bookings, recruiting and sales.

Direct Selling Marketing Strategy: Bring Truffles

Recently, I had been attempting to connect with someone (year after year) and could not get their attention amongst all the other bids for attention.
direct selling marketing

So, I made up a batch of my famous hand made chocolate truffles. (Hand made chocolate truffles are never perfectly round.)

I packaged them up with great care and created a beautiful cover letter and shipped them off by priority mail.

Did I get what I wanted?

I got the call and the phone time that I sought and now they are considering my offer.

I am not sure if I got the event, but I am definitely memorable.
Direct Selling Marketing
They will remember this purple cow and when the time is right, I am certain that they will reach out to me again.

What Makes You A Purple Cow?

Are you a purple cow?

If you need more business (and who doesn’t) I suggest you figure out how to create a direct selling marketing plan so that you stand apart from the herd!

  • Comment below and tell us what makes YOU a purple cow!

Why would anyone want to do business with YOU as opposed to another company or someone else in your company?


    Shared by: Norma:

    Love it…..have heard other ways of saying this but this really stands out (no pun there!). Now to think of my purple cow!!

    Shared by: Sabine:

    Love it…now to figure out my purple cow…

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