The ABC’s Of Direct Selling Success

It is amazing to me how many sales consultants give me catalogs or flyers without their name on the literature.

I often get sent catalogs for our pin board “Direct Sales Companies I Love” that have no website or phone number on them.

Sometimes the contact info is just stapled on, not permanently attached.

Be Prepared Direct Sales Success

Being prepared to do business and having all your materials necessary to do exactly that are basic principles of success in direct sales or network marketing.

The shelf life of a direct sales catalog is months if not years.

Frequently that book that you may have given out at the grocery store or to a friend gets passed on through many hands. If you tape your business card onto it or staple on a piece of paper with your contact info, it is sure to get ripped off.

Once I asked a rep why she did not put her name on the catalog she had just given me.

She said that she usually does but that I know how to reach her.

Well, that is not good enough.

What if I give it away or pass it on or save it for three years and want to find her again?

Part of being prepared to do business is having your contact information on every single piece of literature.

Did you ever get a sale flyer from the grocery store or local retail store without the address and phone number?

I doubt it!

ABCs Of Direct Selling Success

direct selling success
In the Direct Sales Bookings University which is part of the CFS direct selling training club we talk in great detail about the ABC’s of selling.

The ABCs of direct selling ensure that you will be prepared to do business at all times.

A = Always
B = Be Ready To
C = Close The
D = Deal

Do you have:

  • catalogs
  • opportunity information
  • host packet
  • your calendar
  • pen
  • notepaper
  • business cards
  • new consultant agreements

It is not good enough to have your literature handy …. It MUST have your contact info on it!

Be sure your name and contact info is on everything!!!

Having your contact information on all of your literature in INK is one of the ABCs of success in direct sales or network marketing.

No contact information means that you will certainly miss out on business somewhere along the line!

Be prepared, practice the ABCs of selling, and set yourself up for direct selling success in your network marketing/direct sales business.

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