Front Load Your Month = Less Stress!

When you write a schedule for your home party business, consider front loading your month!

What Does Front Load Your Month Mean?

When you front load your month it means simply that you always book in the beginning of the month first.

I am sure that you are saying that it may be easier said than done but to the contrary….

Front Loading Your Month

Front loading your month is simple when you take the time to make a plan and make it happen!

Here is how:

  • If your ideal home party show schedule is to do shows every Tuesday and Thursday then block off every Tuesday and Thursday on the calendar for the whole entire year.

Whether you use a digital calendar or a paper calendar color code them or highlight them so that they are reserved for shows.  (Honestly, a paper calendar will do more for getting bookings for home parties than anything!)

  • Next put a little tiny sticky note on the Tuesday and Thursdays for ONLY the first week of every month.

front load your month
Digitally, use a color code for the first 2 dates of the month and another color for the rest of the show dates in the month. (Seriously, if you want more direct sales bookings you should consider going back to a paper calendar to establish urgency at your party.)

When you prepare the calendar this way for the whole year in advance, you will always have a busy looking month even when you open or turn your calendar to a date 8 months down the road.

  • Once you fill the first Tuesday for the month in question, just move the sticky (or the color code) note down to the next Tuesday.

The goal is always to have the next or first 2 dates you want to fill POP out at your customer and for you.

So, at a given time the sticky notes may be on the first Thursday and the 2nd Tuesday as the next available date in a given month. Then later they may be on the 2nd Tuesday and the 3rd Thursday.

  • Just march those little sticky notes (or color codes) notes down the page and fill your calendar from the first to the last.

A paper calendar prepared this way is a great visual at the party or even for you in the office to fill from the front of the month back.

If your ideal show schedule is to do shows Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday then you would have all of those dates marked off on your calendar through the end of the year (after recording any personal days, birthdays, etc.) and the first 4 dates, in this case would each have a sticky note.

On any given month you would only have ONE Monday, Tuesday, Friday or Saturday available at a time, but ALL of them are marked off giving the sense to your clients that you are a really busy person!

  • When you turn to the appropriate page in the calendar no matter how far away it is, just say:

“”You can have any date with a sticky note”


If using a digital calendar: “”You can have any date that is highlighted in pink”

Benefits Of Front Loading Your Month

Front loading your month accomplishes 3 things:

  1. It keeps your customers focused on the beginning of the month because their natural tendencies are to jump to the end of the month.
  2. You now have the ability to fill the end of the month at the early shows.
  3. Gives you time to close your shows or gather the monies without worrying about closing by the end of the month!

Think about any doctor, dentist or other types of appointments that you make…. The scheduler always fills the beginning of the month first even if you ask for something a year from now.

You may want to take this concept a step farther and run on a fiscal month.

All the parties that take place in the last week of the month are actually considered sales for the following month!

With a squiggly line at the end of your fiscal month on your (paper) calendar you will always have shows closed in time for this month’s submission!

Using a system of front loading your month will relieve you of a lot of stress, keep your calendar full and establish a sense of urgency at your parties.


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