Fundraising Letter Template For Reaching Out

Use this customizable fundraising letter template to reach out to groups who may be interested in using your direct sales business fundraising program.

With a good solicitation letter sample to work with, writing to groups can be much easier and quicker than you might expect.

The key is to use a fundraising letter template that incorporates some basic strategies and then to customize each individual letter based on the organization you are reaching out to.

An Effective Fundraising Reach Out Program

Having an effective solicitation letter template is an important part of an having an efficient, effective fundraising strategy.

Make A Fundraiser Reach Out System

A fundraiser system to reach out to schools, organizations, clubs, community groups and others that need to raise funds should be a consistent and ongoing effort.

Less is better when done consistently forever. Read more about why a big impact habit of a little forever will do more for you than a lot today.

I recommend that you mail – call – email each organization. Not necessarily in that order though!

You may find that a quick message on the machine then the letter followed by a thank you email works best.

Or maybe it would work better with a letter first, then the call followed by a thank you email.

Play with it!fundraiser letter template

Keep notes and your plan and results will only get better!

Example Of Your Fundraising Letter

Your fundraising letter should include a few basics:

  • Make it personal if you can! If you have a specific name to send and address it to you will get better results. (If if it is not necessarily the right person.)
  • Compliment the organization. Always open with a compliment on what they are doing.
  • Consider making a donation to the group! When you include a donation to them you may find that the law of reciprocity kicks in and your return is better!
  • Explain your organization’s mission and the reason you are contacting them.
  • Explain what’s “in it” for them and what makes your fundraising program better. An effective fundraising letter explains to the organization what
  • sets you and your product fundraiser apart from others.
  • Give a realistic time frame with realistic actual dollars they could earn. How long can they expect it too take to make how much money?
  • Thank them for their consideration.
  • Tell them what you plan to do next. If you are sending the letter first, then you may say “I will be calling in a few days….”

Print – Save The Fundraising Letter Template

Use the solicitation letter sample below to help craft your own fundraising letter template.
Print or download the sample template then just change the [information in the brackets] to match your business.

Dear Ms. XXX,
I recently saw a promotional piece for your upcoming fundraiser event XXXX. I love your groups mission to [improve the quality of family life] and would like to offer you this small donation to the cause.

More importantly though, I would like to provide you with my fundraising services for your future efforts.

As an Independent consultant for [MyFantastic Company] I am committed to [providing health and wellness solutions in the form of better food

choices]. I have worked with many groups such as your organization and had great results over the years.

A recent fundraising event I assisted with took place over a period of [30 days]. I worked closely with the group and [there was no product delivery required! We had fun and most importantly the organization earned over $1700].

There are several reasons why I am reaching out to you. Our product line is unique in the world of fundraising, of greater quality than most of the fundraiser programs you may have used and the rate of return on sales is as good as most.

I often hear how refreshing it has been using a product offering that people actually want rather than feel obligated to purchase!

To give you a better idea of our organization and mission, I’m attaching a brochure and fundraiser event flyer for you.

Would you be willing to have a conversation with me to learn more about [MyFantasticCompany’s] fundraiser program?

I plan on calling you again in a few days to answer all your questions and see how I may serve you!

Thank you for your consideration.

[title] [organization name] P.S.
If you have any questions before then, please feel free to visit our website at [] or contact me at [] or [555-555-5555].

Reach Out – Follow Up Consistently

Only send out as many letters as you can follow up on consistently.

If you do not call within 2 days of their receipt then you are wasting your postage.

2 a day in the mail and 2 a day follow up forever will make a huge impact on your business!


    Shared by: Mellisa Lozinski:

    This is awesome! Thank you for the template, it is very helpful. I’m thinking about getting into fundraising with my DIY Gel Nail Polish distributor business and was wondering about how to approach organizations.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Fundraisers are a way to keep business strong and serve the community. Go for it Melissa!

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