How To Launch A Home Party Business – The 1st Show

When new consultants start their home party business they are usually taught to hold a launch show.

While this is a really good idea, it is somewhat stressful for your friends and family as well as the consultant.

A launch party or a business kick off open house puts certain responsibilities on your guests. They are expected to either buy something or book a show.

Instead of starting a home party business with a launch show I recommend that you have 2 practice shows. This is less stress on both the consultant and the guests.

The most important thing about your first show is….to remember to relax. Home Shows are fun! Enjoy your evening, be yourself and make new connections. That’s what its all about.
Heather Calma, Visalus

How to Launch A Home Party Business

By scheduling 2 open houses and calling them practice shows your home party kick off events will have better attendance and be more successful.
how to launch a home party business
This is how to launch a home party business:

  1. Pick 2 dates for practice shows 2-3 days apart about 3 weeks in the future: often a Friday at 7 PM and a Sunday at 3 PM  is good.
  2. Make a list of everyone you have known since kindergarten.
  3. Call everyone on the list and ask them to come to one of your practice shows: Say, “please come and help me practice my new MyFantasticCompany business… you don’t have to buy anything, just come over and help me practice.” Give them the dates and say they can come to either one.
  4. Send a written invitation to the entire guest list: Include both dates and reinforce that you just want to practice to real people instead of kids or stuffed animals.
  5. 3 days before your events call everyone on the list: Call everyone… whether they already said yes, no or maybe! Remind them that all you are doing is having fun, serving snacks and practicing and would really LOVE it if they came.
  6. At the show PRACTICE EVERYTHING: Your training manual and team leader has probably instructed you to talk about bookings, talk about recruiting and a whole lot of other tips and things. At your party say: “Now I am going to practice my BOOKINGS talk because my leader said I have to”. Then do it, practice everything you were told to practice.
  7. Relax and have fun: If you practice without the stress of expectations, then your guests will also relax and have fun!

How To Start A Home Base Business Successfully

In order to start your new home base business successfully you want to have a couple of really good shows, some bookings and maybe even a new consultant to join your team.

When you practice your launch in this fashion, I promise you that you WILL have good sales, get some bookings and maybe even find a new consultant.

Print the “How To Launch A Business” list.

Remember that the most important thing about your first show is….. that it’s OK to make mistakes!
Brandi Tucker, lia sophia

Host A Practice Show To Book Parties!

When I started my home party plan business this is exactly what I did. At my practice shows I had sales (over $500 each) and put 5 home parties on the book for the future!

Host a practice show or two…. because it removes the expectations that family and friends must buy or other wise support you financially.

Family and friends DO want to support you but they are NOT required to do so.

Remove the expectation from the equation and you will get better results. Everyone will love to help you practice!

Practice makes perfect so, why not have a practice show every time the catalog changes!? LOL

The most important thing about your first show is to remember to have fun and not worry…it’s okay to not know it all, and it’s okay to let that be known. But be confident in your product, laugh with your customers, and enjoy the experience.
Carrie Douthit, Steeped Tea

Add Tips To Launch 1st Show In Comments

Please add your comments below with tips on how to have a great 1st home party when you launch your business.


    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Yes, your sponsor is key in your success. Many do not take advantage of their experience!!

    Stay connected, thanks, Sandy!

    Shared by: Sandy Kreps:

    I love the “practice show” wording.

    I think it’s important to do your first show within your first month and to book more parties from the first one. The easiest place to book a party is AT A PARTY! Ask your sponsor for help so you can book at your show instead of trying to drum up business outside of the fun party atmosphere.

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