Learn How To Network For Results

Understanding how to network with friends and family over the holidays is a timely topic so I thought I would republish this older article.

When a new distributor signs up for a network marketing company they are given lots of information on products but never taught how to network.

I think that the first training module that a new networker receives should be called: “Learn How To Network

What is networking?

Working the net? What does that mean?

Networking is working or creating results using a net.

Direct sales and marketing is a business of promoting and selling products or services.

Network marketing for a living is the generation of cash flow by using a net of interconnected people in your life.

A network marketing business utilizes the net created by the structure of collaboration between other like-minded individuals and friends so that all involved will benefit from the increased results as a result of the interconnected network.

Learn How To Network

How To Network – Not Net-Sit

I attend many networking events both socially and business-oriented.

I often notice that many of the participants do not understand what networking means.

Many people act as if it is called net-sitting.

They sit behind their tables, or sit alone just waiting for others to connect with them.

The action of working the net is required to create the connection. It really is as simple as starting a conversation and seeking out new friends – that is really what networking is all about.

Once you have a new friend an occasional sprinkle of what you have to offer, in a conversational manner, is all it will take to keep the conversation going and create interest.

It is networking, not net-sitting.

Why Work The Net?

The network grows and becomes more powerful when more net workers become involved in working the net.

You cannot network with those who set themselves apart from the group and do not participate.

When two people network, they create results that square the results that they could have created as an individual.

  • Two people create 4 times the results as one.
  • Three people create 9 times the results as one and so on.

The foundation of the industry is built on collaboration!

Do You Network or Net-Eat?

Trading business cards with an uninterested party you met at the buffet table is not networking. It is wasting business cards.

When you are truly networking you are creating a net of common ground of interest.

Are you networking or net-eating?

Are you just hanging out with business people eating and not collaborating on creating a business net to benefit all involved?

Network Marketing For A Living

Network marketing for a living takes skill, focus and a willingness to practice and learn!

The first part of being an effective networker who is capable of earning a decent income is to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and to decide that you are going to network both socially and in business situations.

Just like good salesmanship, networking requires a focus outside yourself!

A network marketer must make a concentrated effort to keep the focus on others, be an active listener and talk less about ourselves!

The way you do this is to keep your side of the conversation to 10 seconds or less using the 10 second rule.

Sometimes, when you hear yourself rambling on about personal interests or business, just pull a question out of your head quickly, anything, even if it doesn’t relate. Say anything that will put on the brakes to your talking.

In this manner, you will find that there is a common ground with a fellow networker. Sometimes you will have the ability to further their business and sometimes it is the other way around. Either way the collaborating efforts pay off.

Network Marketing

Phenomenal opportunities can come from network marketing efforts. A commitment to the process of networking will always result in a net that works in your marketing business for the future.

You never really know where the net you create today will take you in the future.

Whether it is a business event, a holiday party or a personal social event, in order to be a real network marketer you must be sure that you do not net-sit, net-eat, net-complain, net-read the newspaper, net… and totally waste everyone’s time.

Practice your skills to be a better networker and it WILL pay off!


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