How To Overcome Phone Phobia

Would you like to know how to overcome phone phobia?

This Cash Flow Show Radio broadcast is all about using the dial feature on your phone to generate business!

Do you ever wonder why some consultants have such ease when it comes to picking up the phone and contacting customers while others think of every reason not to do so?

The secret may be easier than you think!

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The Secret To Overcome Phone Phobia

It is really not a secret… you just need to become each customer’s friend!

It IS that simple. Don’t you agree that you can call your friends with no problem?

Overcome Phone PhobiaIt is easy to form friendships with people we meet… whether you are at a party or in a business networking group – go for friendship not clients!

Here are some ideas on how to become your customers’ friends:

  • Ask questions at your shows when taking their orders and get to know people
  • At networking opportunities focus on them not yourself
  • Ask them their birthday
  • If they are married then ask their anniversary
  • Find out how many children they have
  • Learn more about the hobbies they love
  • Use POOF to learn as much as you can about everyone you meet: Passions, Outside activities, Occupation, Family

Looking for more friends is a stress reducer! Take the pressure off yourself, relax and have fun making friends!

Just learn anything you can about the people you meet, like a friend would!!

Once you have this information record it somewhere.

Google calendars is a great system of reminders or Client Angel is a software program for direct sellers but whatever your system is, organize your customers and keep notes about what you have learned about them.

Use these tidbits of friendship when you contact them again.

  1. Message them and ask how their vacation was
  2. Send them a card on their birthday or anniversary
  3. Send them an e-mail article or link you find about a hobby they love
  4. Ask them how their kids are doing in their activities

It is easier than you think to become friends with your customers when you show an interest in their everyday lives.

Stop seeking business and start looking for new friends!

Goodbye phone phobia!!

Overcome phone phobia by seeking out friendships!

Friends are more likely to buy from you and refer you to people they know. Build relationships with your customers and watch your business SOAR!

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