Learn How To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

Why is it that in the party plan industry consultants allow the “comfort zone” to limit their potential?

I never even heard of the comfort zone prior to joining a party plan company.

In the restaurant business not a single employee in 30 years said:

“I can’t do that –  it is out of my comfort zone!”

The comfort zone is a self-imposed restriction that holds consultants back.

The Comfort Zone Is Self Imposed

How To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

The comfort zone is a self-imposed restriction that party plan consultants put on themselves based on their feeling of being uncomfortable when trying something new!

Feelings are never wrong but thoughts can be wrong.

Feelings come from our subconscious and it is all right to feel nervous or apprehensive in a new situation.

These feelings influence our thoughts….

Thoughts are in the conscious mind. They can and do influence our actions. We can change our thoughts and therefore our actions.

Tips On How To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

The best thing to do when confronted with anything that is challenging your comfort zone is to view the situation with an open mind. Be honest with yourself, too.

When you put your emotions aside and can see something independently from what you may feel about it, then you can cut through any possible delusion and see the situation more accurately.

The easiest system to step out of your comfort zone is to get your brain thinking rather than relying on feelings.

When we become very anxious, it’s harder to think clearly. If we force ourselves to use parts of ‘the thinking brain’, this will dilute the emotional feelings and begin to calm you down.

The easiest way to do this is with numbers. You can scale your own fear from 1 to 10, 10 being the most terrified it’s possible to be and 1 being the ultimate relaxed state.

When you’re feeling anxious, ask yourself: “Okay what number on the scale am I right now?  Am I a 7, or a 5?”

Just doing this will lower anxiety because it kick-starts the thinking brain, diluting the emotion and automatically making you calmer.

Another Tip To Stretch Comfort Zone

Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone?

Here is a quick exercise to stretch your comfort zone.

  1. Make an “I cannot do that!” list of the things you are not willing to do because they are outside of your comfort zone.
  2. List the “I cannot do that!” things in the order of easiest to hardest.
  3. Do the easiest thing first then gradually work your way down the list.

Expand Your Comfort Zone

How To Step Out Of Comfort ZoneWhen you do one thing that is on your “I can’t do that!” list then your comfort zone will grow a little bit.

Every time your comfort zone grows you will become a new person, your world will grow and you will become willing to try something else new.

You may have to do an item a few times before you are completely comfortable with it but sooner or later it will be IN your comfort zone. As your comfort zone expands you will become more willing to try the next one on your “I can’t do that!” list.

Life Is An Adventure

Life is an adventure. Business is an adventure.

Instead of thinking about your comfort zone, start thinking about what adventure you will go on next.

Stepping out of your comfort zone can cause anxiety or nervousness.

  • The physical and emotional sensation of nervousness is negative.
  • An adventure is exciting. The emotional and physical sensation of excitement is positive.

Both emotions feel the same to your body. Your body does not know the difference, but your head does.

It is time to stop using your “comfort zone” as an excuse and start running your direct sales business as an adventure.

Bookings University Covers Comfort Zone

The Cash Flow Show Bookings University talks more about how home party plan consultants can become more willing to step out of their comfort zone and get more bookings.

The Direct Sales Bookings University – FREE Version starts with tips on how to step out of comfort zone.

Can you imagine how quickly a waiter would get fired if they said:  “sorry, can’t… it is outside of my comfort zone”?

In party plan we do not fire ourselves but the result is the same. If you are not willing to step out of your comfort zone then you are not going to make much money. When you do it once it creates momentum and then it is easier the next time!

We would love to hear your comfort zone experiences and tips. Please share below!


    Shared by: Tammee Jackson:

    Thank you for this article and the tip on lowering anxiety. I get overcome with anxiety when speaking with people I am not familiar with and literally can be a tough time to get a coherent sentence out of my mouth.

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    2 good questions, Christa! I could type a lot here but instead I am going to refer you to a series of videos that address this. http://www.CashFlowShowBookings.com is 4 videos that look at the fear factor.

    Get the focus off of your feelings is key. The consous mind is more rational so, anyway you can shift from feelings to thought it will be better. Try the “what is the worst thing that can happen?” question to yourself just to stop the feelings and start the thoughts.

    Look at it as making friends. The home party is just a bunch of girls getting together. It is a fun gathering not a sales pitch. Why don’t you take the Bookings University (free) and then let me know if you wantto chat.

    Shared by: Christa:

    I think all of us at one point or another get “out of our comfort zone” whether it be at work or play. But I agree it does limit you, any advice for people who have used the number system with no luck? And in the same breath what about people who are not “naturals” at home parties and are extremely shy, but really want to make the extra money….Any suggestions

    Cool! Glad to be of help, Jamie – thanks for taking the time to comment!

    Shared by: Jamie:

    Thanks for the post. I’ve experienced the “out of my comfort zone” anxiety. This is so true. Getting your mind to focus on the numbers is a great idea.

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