Present Ideal Schedule Every Month!

It IS possible to create your ideal schedule every month!

What exactly is your ideal schedule?  How many shows do you want to do in a month?

Do you want to present one show a week, 20 in a month, or somewhere in between?

Remember that every industry has cancellations…. just like dentists, hotels and airlines, direct sellers should overbook!

Expect Schedule Cancellations…

It would be normal to expect a 25% cancellation rate.

Always plan to date more events than you want to perform. While good hostess coaching can bring that number down, it is a good rule of thumb.

Consultants who work at lower levels may have to overbook by closer to 30%.

If your ideal work schedule is 4 per month then schedule six parties. If you would like to present 20 per month then schedule 25.

Present Your Ideal Schedule Every Month!

One of the reasons that many distributors cannot create a consistent year round business is because they take large chunks of time off whenever a holiday comes around.

What you do today affects your business 3 months down the road.

If you take the whole month of December off, then you should expect to have no business in March of the following year!

Schedule your ideal show calendar regardless of how many work-able weeks there are in a month.

There are certain months that do not have 4 work weeks when it comes to scheduling home parties.

  • November (in the US) is a 3 week month. No one wants to do parties on Thanksgiving week.
  • December is a 2 week month normally. After the Christmas deadline no one wants to do parties.

There are other months also, depending on where you live. Usually any holiday will reduce the month to fewer party weeks.

Schedule Your Ideal Calendar Into The Work-able Weeks

In December there are 2 holidays… it is not a holi-month!

Ideal ScheduleWhen you depend on your party plan business to pay the mortgage or any other expense you cannot work a half schedule just because it is a holiday.

Date your ideal schedule into the first 2 weeks of December prior to the holiday cutoff so that your commission is what it should be and you have a GREAT March.

Any month that is a short month should be treated the same. Date your shows into the work-able weeks of each month.

  • 20 (or 4) shows in the first 3 weeks of November
  • 20 (or 4) shows in the first 2 weeks of December
  • 20 (or 4) shows in the last 3 weeks of July.
  • 20 (or 4) shows in the last 3 weeks of January.

No matter what your ideal schedule is, the first step in scheduling a year round business is to schedule every month so that you get a full paycheck!


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    Great Ideas. Need to get on it. Thanks for the reminder

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