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Julie Fry, founder of Business Among Moms, will be the guest this Wednesday, December 10th on the Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio.

Wed: 5 PM PST | 6 PM MST | 7 PM CST | 8 PM EST
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Chief Mom Officer at BAM, Julie will share the networking Do’s and Don’ts as we discuss a simple and stress free guide to networking both online and off!

Julie Fry’s Top 3 Tips:

Julie Fry, BAM
Most businesses have to get the word out about their businesses and networking is a fun and easy way to get some business recognition if you follow these steps:

1 – It’s about Building Relationships

People do business with those they know, like and trust.

The more opportunities you can find to develop relationships where you are generally helping others will lead to a direct correlation in your business. Attend events where you are likely to find your target audience.

For example, my business is networking so I attend vendor shows and business lunches where I will be likely to meet other mom-entrepreneurs.

2 – Think About How You Can Help

A good networker realizes it is not about all about themselves.

A little help goes a long way in building a trusted relationship. When you attend events ask others about their business and what they need help with.

If it’s an area where you can help, you will be remembered and referred anytime they can return the favor.

3 – Follow Up

Julie FryThis seems like the most obvious tip, but how many times have you returned from an event with a pile of business cards and then they just collect dust on your desk?

Make sure you follow up with an email, Linked in request, or Facebook friend request to those you meet that you’d like to continue a relationship with.

Julie Fry, Chief Mom Officer at Business Among Moms

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