Use The Law of Reciprocity In Business

The law of reciprocity is an unspoken and very powerful rule that our subconscious acts on without our knowledge.

What Is The Law of Reciprocity?

When someone gives us something we give something back automatically. (AKA: What goes around comes around.)

I experienced it the law of reciprocity myself yesterday at the local farmers’ market where I do my weekly shopping and realized it only in retrospect.

I have read about the power of the law of reciprocity in books as well been involved in training and workshop activities that taught the law of reciprocity.

I have even written an article about it previously after reading Seth Godin’s book on how to create direct sales marketing techniques to make you a purple cow.

I call it bring cookies to get what you want!

I had never really recognized it as a force in my life until yesterday.

This Is What Happened With The Law Of Reciprocity

The Law Of ReciprocityI am a regular and somewhat locally (in)famous customer at the market so I often get offered free products.

At one produce stand where I shop every week I asked if they had any other avocados that were riper than those on the shelf.  She immediately pulled 5 from a box in the back that were VERY ripe and said you can have these for free.
To which I replied they are really ripe!

Some may need thrown away and some may be partly good. (Kind of like bananas, you want your avocados ripe but not over ripe and they often look worse outside than in.)

She said she knows and that is why she was saving them to give me for free.

In addition, do I want these others as well. Now she is offering me some perfectly ripe (but still almost too ripe) avocados asking if I wanted to buy them?

Pausing, thinking… “this is a lot of avocados”…. thinking some more… “how many avocados can I use anyway!?”

I took them, paid for them with other things and walked out thinking to myself…

“What on earth am I going to do with 7 avocados?”

The Power Of Law

This is powerful!

The law of reciprocity says that if we will subconsciously give back to someone who has given us something.

Even though I was aware of the law and also thought at the time that it was too many avocados, I still gave back to her by buying the extras she wanted money for.

Today when I was cutting my avocados I thought to myself…

“Damn… that was the law of reciprocity. I knew at the time I did not want this many avocados but look at them all here!¬† I cannot eat the VERY overripe ones fast enough and the ripe ones will be VERY overripe before I get to them.”

The Hare Krishnas of the 60’s knew the power of the law. At airports they gave you a flower and then you were more willing to donate money or at least take their brochure.

Use In Business – Book Your Next Party Plan Show

law of reciprocityUse the law of reciprocity at your party plan business home show.

Give your guests a free trinket, then watch the law of reciprocity go to work!

One way to do this that I found to be especially effective in booking your next party is as follows:

  • Tell your host to tell their guests: “Bring a friend or an order and get a FREE gift.”
  • As a matter of fact, repeat that every time you talk to her/him. Make it a mantra.
  • Then, before you do your prize drawing at the end of the show say: “Who brought a friend or an order to the show?”
  • Give all those people who brought a guest a gift.
  • Give all the guests a gift too.It could be anything….

Then do your prize drawing. You will be amazed at how many of the guests who got a gift now check yes for hosting a show and become your next show hostess!

A Side Note: Avocados are really good for you.

Studies have shown that a diet high in avocado will reduce blood serum cholesterol levels. The relatively low carb addition to your diet is also a good fiber source. They are great on toast instead of butter, as a snack or as a topping for many different dishes.

How Do You Use Law Of Reciprocity

I am sure that you are using the law of reciprocity in your business already and were not even aware of it.

Share below how you get what you want by this powerful subconscious influence.


    Shared by: Jamie:

    This is a great idea! Thank you.

    Shared by: Kirstin:

    Free samples definitely work for me. when I give all the guests at a party a tiny gift ‘just for attending’, I get bigger sales.

    Shared by: Lisa:

    I’ve just added avacado to the grocery list. I’m looking forward to trying it on toast and in my salad!

    Shared by: Lisa:

    This is a great article!! I actually just realized it may also be the reason I’m successful with my Grace Adele business!! Thanks Deb.
    Also, I’m not handy in the kitchen, but would like to know more about how to easily eat and use avacados.

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