Make A Phone Call! Expect Return Calls!

With the Smartphone and texting revolution, many distributors do not want to make an actual phone call.
make a call
A real live talking phone call seems almost totally a thing of the past.

Make A Phone Call!

Reaching out to your client using every available resource including a phone call will ensure that your relationship continues and hopefully generates sales or a show date.

Leave a voicemail and expect a call back because you will get them!

Change Your Beliefs About Making A Call

Change your beliefs about using the calling feature of the phone:

  • Belief: “No one picks up the phone anymore.”

Actually, about 1 out of 5 people pick up the phone when it rings. The other people are busy and aren’t available to talk.

This statistic is exactly the same today as it was 12 years ago when I began having great success in my business by making phone calls.

  • Belief: “No one returns my call when I leave a message.”

In reality, a few people WILL return your call especially when you leave a GREAT voicemail message! Definitely it is the exception these days. A text after the VM message will improve the call back rate though!

Sometimes it is better if they do not call back….

If they call you back in the middle of dinner with your family, you won’t be prepared to have a successful phone conversation. You may want to consider telling them in your message that you will be calling back and when. They can expect your call and increase the odds that they pick up.

  • Belief: “If I make phone calls at the ‘right time,’ more people will answer the phone.

The best time to make calls is about you – not about the people you are calling.
Make A Phone Call
The best time to make a call is on the days and times you want to book shows and appointments.

For example, if you want to have shows on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, make your phone calls on those evenings until your calendar is booked.

Leave a message today and chances are they will pick up next time.

With all the techie aspects of life a simple conversation can be rewarding for both parties!

Change your beliefs and make a phone call! It does work because everyone loves the personal connections that actually having a conversation elicits.

Use the calling feature of your phone to get business!


    Shared by: Wendy DiCarlo:

    I’m going to try that this weekend. Thanks for the tip!

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