Mission Statement Examples = Purpose

Every successful business has a mission statement. The mission statement is the first step toward business success!

Read some of the mission statement examples below and learn how a mission statement clarifies your business purpose!Mission Statement Examples

The mission statement is the first paragraph of your business plan.

Writing a business plan and a mission statement is a success strategy that all successful businesses use and it works for home party plan consultants as well!

What Is Your Business Mission?

Your mission statement is basically just your reason for existing. It will guide you in all of your actions and is a simple frame for your business plan and the strategies you will follow to success.

Just answer a few simple questions and then write up your mission statement.

How To Write A Mission Statement

Here is how you write a business plan:

  • What are your goals?
  • Why do you exist?
  • How do provide value?
  • What sets you apart?
  • What will you do for society?

There are other things you can include like your expansion goals, timelines, ethics, services, employees, suppliers, etc., but generally a mission statement is something that is a long-term nutshell view of why your business exists.

Just think about those questions then create a simple paragraph about “why you exist”…. simple!

Deb Bixler’s Home Business Success Strategy

Your mission statement is your success strategy!

In my home business DebBixler.com online and FoodSmart Productions offline are my “official” brands. I operate as Deb Bixler DBA, DebBixler.com and/or FoodSmart Productions. This is my mission statement:

I teach fun, fast and healthy mealtime cooking solutions and direct sales education so that families may enjoy a better quality of life.

FoodSmart Productions | DebBixler.com provide affordable wellness and home business sales education to all ages, operates with rigorous honesty and integrity and strives to positively impact the world daily. With a focus on others we provide excellent value and the utmost customer service. We do this in such a way as to reduce my personal and business environmental impact whenever possible and to improve the quality of family life now and into the next generation.

A well-written mission statement will drive the focus of your business and lead into a good business plan. Often it can be used as your “elevator speech” (all or in part) when out and about.

direct sales scripts

I often find myself modifying it based on those standing in front of me and saying things like:

“I teach fun, fast and healthy meal time solutions so families can spend more quality time at the dinner table eating good for you foods”.

Mission Statement Examples

Your business statement can be more or less detailed. Some mission statement examples follow:

Denny’s Mission Statement:

Our Mission at Denny’s is to establish beneficial business relationships with diverse suppliers who share our commitment to customer service, quality and competitive pricing.

Bloomsburg University (PA) Campus Child Center

The Bloomsburg University Campus Child Center is a necessary service offered within the Student Life division. Therefore, the mission of the Center concurs with the mission of Student Life, which is to contribute to an institutional climate conducive to student development. It also provides equal educational opportunity for all persons.

The mission of the Campus Child Center is to serve the needs of the University community, which includes students, staff, faculty, alumni, and their children of diverse backgrounds.


Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Keep Party Plan Statement Simple

Notice how the above statements really summarize the existence of  the company.

As you can see a mission statement is about YOU – the party plan consultant working from home –  not about your company. It can be short or long but it definitely gives you your focus that will lead all your future actions.

Unlike your business plan it rarely needs updated.

Share Your Home Party Mission Below

Do you have a written business mission statement for your home party business? If so, share it in the comment section below please!


    Shared by: Tammy Forsythe:

    Mine is short but to the point. My mission is to help others Think OUTSIDE the bowl and find awesome solutions to help in your kitchen. I am a Manager with Tupperware and love sharing what I do.

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    It is a great lead in to your business plan and something to look to sometimes when making decisions.

    Shared by: Sandy Kreps:

    I have an elevator speech and a story, but I do not have a formal, written mission statement. Time to change that!

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