Have A Networking Follow Up Plan!

If you are not going to do your networking follow up within 24 – 48 hours, then don’t waste your time going!

It does not matter whether you are at a chamber mixer, a vendor event, or a business luncheon, make a plan to follow up after the event quickly!

Make A Networking Follow Up Plan!

Networking-Follow-Up-PlanBefore you even sign on or commit to attending an event make your follow up plan!

Look at your calendar to ensure that you have the time available to promptly follow up!

48 hours is max for networking follow up!!

Mark the time on your calendar and then do it!

How To Follow Up After A Networking Event

From there networking and follow up are simple!

  1.  Schedule the time to do your follow up
  2.  Commit to the event itself
  3.  Attend the event and be  a Purple Cow
  4.  Have a system to qualify leads as you go along and label them at the event as you gather contact info: yes, no, maybe
  5. When you get home, quick sort your leads based on #4
  6. Start with some maybe leads to get warmed up then go for the hot or yes leads!
  7. Don’t waste time on those classified as no – uninterested leads (You can not sell steak to a vegetarian!)
  8.  Follow up within 24 – 48 hours via phone, email, and or real mail in a unique and memorable manner specific to each lead!

The real key to networking follow up, regardless of where the lead came from, is being timely and memorable!

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