No Warm Market – No Problem!

No business will thrive by depending only on a warm market.

Actually, with no warm market life is easier!!

When I first started my party plan business I felt like the more quickly I got away from my friends and family the better off I would be!

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How To Train Bookings

Start Business With No Warm Market

Trust me! You do not need a warm market to be successful in direct sales.

When I first launched my business I did my first two shows as practice shows in my own home then did only three parties with relatives.

From there I pretty much marketed the heck out of my business so that I did not have to depend on acquaintances.

It is not fair to expect your warm market to support you!

Support, yes – care what is going on, send referrals, listen to your stories, give you an occasional gung-ho pat on the back but financially support you?!!


My plan was to send out one confirmation post card every day!

1:10 will say yes, so I asked 10 people every day!


Putting down roots in your business from day one is essential.

Read this article on the business tree then put most of your focus on the tap root for every business…. strangers!!

A party plan business (any business for that matter) does not stand alone!

You MUST be part of the greater community! Get out there!

Vendor events as a vendor, vendor events as a guest, Chamber mixers, Meet Up groups, offering yourself as a free speaker or a fund-raising tool to non-profit groups….

When asked “how did you do it?” – how did you quit your job with your party plan business in only nine months, Deb?

The answer is that I dated a party every day primarily using those six above-mentioned techniques and stayed committed until my calendar was full – then kept it that way for six months so that there was business momentum and parties would begin to self perpetuate!

You can do it too, but NOT if you focus on your warm market!!

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    Shared by: Karla Jones:

    Thanks Deb! My warm market is pretty much nonexistent so this is perfect for me.

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Cool, Brian, thanks for sharing and being a role model in the industry!

    Shared by: Brian Hurlburt:

    That is exactly where I was when I started with Watkins in Sept 2009. I had tried at least 6 or 7 others, some of those 3 or 4 times, and nothing worked and my warm Market was like more of a hostile Market! Well, maybe not hostile, but I felt they would be if I approached them to “Join” yet another Business! So, I found ways to grow my Business without a warm Market! Today my Team of nearly 700 represents about 2-3% of our Company’s Consultants, but we consistently take 20-30% of the Awards and Trips! So, yes, you can do it without a warm Market!

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