Host “Practice Shows” For 1st Party Not Open Houses!

Almost every home party consultant is told when they first start that they should hold a launch show or and open house in their own home to kick of their new business. 

Home Party Open House Does Not Work!

While this may be a great strategy for getting some party presentation experience it may not be conducive to a big crowd in attendance.

It is definitely advisable for all party plan consultants to kick off their business with (actually) 2 shows in their own home but call it a “Practice Show”.

The Home Party “Practice Show”

The home party “practice show” is far more effective for both the consultant and the guest. By calling it a practice show you remove all expectations from the guests as well as the consultant.

Say it: “Come help me practice!”

Not A Launch Show!

Everyone loves to help out and a practice show is just that. An opportunity to practice.

When you host a “Open House” or a “Launch Show” the guests are expected to buy, order, or join your opportunity.

It is pressure on both the guests to buy, book, join and pressure on the consultant to perform.

This unspoken pressure reduces your attendance.

home party Practice show

Schedule 2 Practice Home Parties

As a new consultant you should schedule 2 home parties in your home and promote them as practice shows.

For example, schedule one on a Friday @ 7:00 PM and one on a Sunday @ 2:00 PM.

Just tell everyone you are really excited about your new FantasticCompany business and would they please come help you practice.

I just started a FantasticCompany business and I am really excited. I am having 2 practice shows in my home so that I can get my routine organized….

I was wondering if you could come over, I am having wine and cheese and running through my demo and getting to know the products.You do not have to buy anything, just help me practice so I am not presenting to the kids (stuffed animals, cat…)

It is Friday and Sunday…. you could come to one or both if you want… which one works for you?

Benefits Of Practice Show

The practice home show works much better than the open house or the launch show. The benefits include:

  • You get practice
  • No pressure on you to perform perfectly
  • No responsibility on them to buy, book, join
  • No stress for anyone
  • It gives you an excuse to pitch

Training For New Consultants

One of the reasons this works so well for new consultants is that it gives them a line to use when pitching the booking or joining opportunity or anything else they may be uncomfortable saying.

As a team leader, you should include in your new consultant training the lines to say:

I am going to do my bookings talk, my leader said I need to practice it so give me some feedback after the show.

My upline said I have to practice sharing about the opportunity so this is my opportunity talk. I hope you don’t mind if I practice this too!

Holiday Open House – Seasoned Consultants

As a seasoned consultant, I would recommend a practice show periodically as well.

Most consultants have holiday open houses, quarterly shows, etc. in their own home. When you start to have “practice shows” you will find that you have more attendance and less stress on your family and friends.

Use the same announcement verbiage as is written above just say things like:

  • Practice for the new catalog
  • Practice for the new season
  • Want to spruce up my presentation for the New Year

Be creative with the practice show. Have one periodically for the rest of your life and take the stress off everyone!

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