Don’t Start At End Of Funnel Sales Process

The sales funnel works!

The funnel sales process is a graduated system of developing customer loyalty. Don’t shove people into your funnel from the bottom!
Funnel Sales Process

Funnel Sales Process

The funnel sales process is two-fold:

  1. Massive leads in the top from a wide variety of sources.
  2. Develop customer loyalty through a graduated process of relationship-building as they fall deeper into your funnel

When you walk up to someone and say:

I just started a MyFantasticCompany business: do you want to host a party for me?

You are opening with the close!

The funnel sales process only works when you build a relationship and develop each lead.

STOP shoving your leads into the sales funnel from the bottom!

This applies both online and offline, when talking to friends and to strangers! You cannot open a conversation – no matter how well you know the person – with the close!

Read more about relationship building:

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10 Second Rule

Don’t open with the close!

Understand the funnel sales process, then work the system and it will work for you!

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