How To Prevent Business Sales Slump

Are you having a business slump?

A sales slump implies that at one point business was good and now you are in a slump.

If you have never had a steady business then you are not in a sales slump even if business is not up to par.

If that is the case, that you never had a viable business, then you should read this article on how to create your ideal show schedule with a consistent year-round business, and this one on professionalism.

What Caused The Sales Slump?

If you are truly in a sales slump then what changed?

  • Did You Take An Extended Leave?

Direct sellers are in business for themselves and therefore can write their own schedule but MUST in fact write a schedule. There are many reasons to take extended leaves and no one will stop you!

Whether it is maternity, family issues, holidays, extended vacation or you are moving to a new town, if you do not work you will not get paid. A plan must be made to keep the cash flowing while you are absent and if the time off is extensive, a ‘re-start plan’ should be thought out before the leave starts.

  • Did Your Beliefs Change? Did Your Attitude Change?

Were you excited about your business before and now you are not? Why?

Typically, when certain things happen in our lives, those occurrences become a reality to us.

If we got a booking at every party or with every phone call then the reality tells us that the next one will be a booking too.

On the other hand, if we don’t get a booking at a previous party or on the last couple of phone calls, our beliefs start settling into that and we stop believing that the next one will generate a booking.

A true reality of life is that the past does not dictate the future.

Successful people are very careful with the beliefs they put forth because those beliefs manifest exactly that…. the belief.

Did something change in your attitude or belief system that contributed to this slump?

  • Did You Fail To Anticipate Annual Trends?

People do not invite party plan distributors to their house over Christmas, Thanksgiving or Memorial Day. If your intent is to do two parties a week then you must plan to schedule all eight of those into three weeks of the months with holidays.

If your product is seasonally specific and you fail to make a plan for the off season you will definitely have a slump!

There are many things which you have no control over that can derail your business which is why you should look at the year in advance and make a plan.

A proactive consultant who looks at the full year in advance with an annual calendar planning session will anticipate personal, business and team needs and will not be taken by surprise.

Overcoming Business Slump

The key to preventing a sales slump is to treat your business with the same respect that corporate companies do:

  • Write an action-based direct sales marketing plan
  • Work from a written/published schedule
  • Proactively plan each year then review it periodically
  • Conduct a balanced business by using all income options available to you
  • Offer a wide variety of services to appeal to more clients

In order to dig yourself out of a sales slump you would do the same.

Deb Bixler
People never fail, businesses never fail…
Only systems fail.

If you are not getting the results you want, then get a new system.

Deb Bixler, Cash Flow Show Radio Host

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