5 Quick Sales Tips

Here are 5 totally random sales tips that I found helpful in my business last week.

5 Random Sales Tips

When you use these sales tips on a regular basis it will keep your business rolling along.

  1. Keep it simple!
  2. When you keep it simple it is easier for your customers to buy from you.  It should be simple to reach you, simple to find your number online, simple to order, and simple to make an exchange. Simply put, you should simply be available!!

  3. Have dynamite customer service!
  4. People are crazy busy and they want to work with sellers who have awesome customer service!  Slow return calls, delayed message replies and anything but dynamite customer service doesn’t cut it any more!

    Call quickly, follow up when you say you will, put in your orders in a timely manner and make sure your customers get the products quickly!

  5. Be a resource center for your customers!
  6. Be an ‘improvement specialist’ not a sales person! When you give your best stuff away for free you will have loyal customers for life!

    Whether it be a phone conversation, an email, text or social site, if you are not providing value to your existing and potential customers they will not become or remain customers.

  7. Sales is service!
  8. Think of everything from the customer’s perspective, not yours! It is your job to serve their needs.

    You are in business for the customers! Keep the focus on serving their needs, not your own!

  9. Always remember that sales is the outcome of customer relationships not the goal!
  10. Your customer can sense it when your goal is closing the deal!  The focus of any sales business is building relationships with your consumers, not building customers. When you keep the focus on the consumer and build relationships, the sales will follow!

The 5 Sales Tips In One Sentence:

Don’t focus on closing the deal because when you build your customer base with a focus on simplicity, accessibility, education and service the outcome will be sales.


    Shared by: Vicki Ross:

    Thank you for the ideas to follow! I love your approach!

    Shared by: Nane Tolson:

    Great tips, love your simple approach to sales!

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