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Sandy Kreps is an Independent Scentsy Consultant and Independent Velata Consultant from the Houston, Texas, area.

She fell in love with Scentsy when she hosted a home party, and she has been sharing it ever since.

Sandy had a slow start – her mom doesn’t like candles, her dad rolled his eyes, she struggled to get bookings – and then she decided to get creative.

Thinking outside the box really helped her business, and she now loves sharing her creative ideas with others.

From Sandy Kreps, Sentsy Consultant

Scentsy Consultant sales guest bloggerAt first I did not have my family’s support for my home party business.

When I joined my company, my family was very skeptical.

My first commission check was only $7 – which represented the commissions earned off things I bought for myself.
I wondered if I’d made the right choice in starting my business, but I was determined to succeed….

When the company announced a summer incentive I started thinking outside the box – something I am still doing in my business – and I’d like to share some of my ideas.

Realtors Use Party Plan Gifts

Party plan gifts are perfect for realtors. Realtors know LOTS of people. They need to give gifts to their clients and they also are a good source of referrals.

I started by emailing almost every real estate office in my area. I heard from several, “Oh, we have a consultant already,” and plenty didn’t answer, but one office manager invited me to present at her office.

A few months later when I called to offer a complimentary refill, she invited me to a second office where I met more agents and offered my real estate gift giving services.

I also booked a home party.

Customer Service Is Being Thankful

When you provide excellent customer service you will create repeat customers.

Every time someone orders from my website, I send a handwritten thank-you card and a small gift.

It is a way to connect with those long-distance shoppers.

I also send written thank-you notes to non-customers.

For example, I took my son out one Friday for chicken nuggets, and there was a balloon animal guy at the restaurant who made his day with a little balloon sword. So I got his card to send a thank-you.

Sometimes these people become customers or refer someone, and sometimes they don’t, but I practice being grateful every day.

Share Your Party Business Online

If all of your Facebook status updates are: “Order now!” or, “Great hostess special this month!” or, “Join my team today!” then your friends are probably blocking you.

Instead, try posting about your business in only 1/10 of your posts.

Share it as an awesome part of your life – not a way you are trying to hit up your friends for money.

Post a cute picture of your child with a new toy that you sell, or offer a skincare tip, or mention how you had a fun meeting with your team. If your posts aren’t getting likes and comments, then people aren’t interested in what you have to say.

Really think about how you are branding yourself. Anyone can post this month’s special, but not anyone can be YOU.

Swap Home Parties

home party plan swap partiesAnother great way to find new hostesses to host home parties with you is to swap parties with other distributors.

  • Do you sell jewelry? Call a makeup home party consultant.
  • Sell chocolate? Call a wine consultant.

Explore how the two of you can combine your products into one fantastic party.

Instead of placing an individual order, offer to host a party for the other consultant if she will host one for you. You will both meet new contacts from each others’ client list and earn free products: win-win!

When you focus on serving others, being thankful, and figuring out what makes YOU special in this business, then you can succeed!
sandy kreps Scentsy Velata Consultant

As a busy mom of two my Sentsy Family business has allowed me to leave my full-time job.

I now teach college part-time (2 days/week in the fall & spring semesters).

Sandy Kreps – Velata & Scentsy Consultant

I love my Velata and Scentsy businesses and the extra family time working at home brings me.

If I can do it, so can you!
Email me at


    Shared by: Veronica Morris:

    Hi Sandy.this is a great article I am a new consultant and was wondering what should your email say when you email the realtors?

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