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This week’s Tip From The Top feature is from Jenn at Do You Bake?

One of several Do You Bake? mottos is:
“Real Food, Real People, Real Fun!”

Tip From Jenn @ DYB?

When someone asks me “What advice can you give me if I’m just starting out?”, my response is always “JUST START!”Jenn at Do You Bake?

You may think, what do you mean “JUST START”?

You may think “but I have to create a plan, make a list, get my supplies, put everything in order”.

Right! You do!

You have to do all of those things too but those are activities you do when you have accomplished the things that will BUILD your business instead of support your business.

Stop overthinking your business.

This is a business built on nuts and bolts. It is a business built on relationships. It is not easy (or everyone would be doing it!) but guess what? It’s not complicated either!

SO. . . Put down your piece of paper and pencil and toss your business plan in the trash pail. Move away from your computer screen. Stand up. OK! Now you are ready.

Stop Overthinking And Do It!


#1 : Schedule your Events and Parties

Start knocking on the doors, making the phone calls and sending emails (last resort) to book your parties.

Expect a NO and be happy for a Maybe and celebrate a YES!

Not sure where to start?

Then schedule your own launch party, re-launch party, seasonal ‘new product’ launch party!

Find an excuse to bring people together!

If your business is not a party plan, no problem! Create Information sessions about your product. Online, Offline. Educate, Inform, Help People, Solve Problems. Create a Seminar! Get People Together! Create a Reason! Just Start!

#2 : Make New Contacts!

Your business is built on relationships. Your business is built with people. Start making friends, meet new people, develop a list of acquaintances. Grab a coffee with a group, take an exercise class, attend a trade show, go to a networking event.

There are a ton of ways to meet new people! Ask for referrals! Just Start!

#3 : Learn your Products, Your Company, Your Business!

Learn, learn, learn! Read!

Know what you are selling! Become a product of your product! Love what you do! Just Start!

#4 : Market, Market and Market some more!

Online, Offline, Anyline!

This doesn’t mean “buy my stuff!” advertising.

Today we are inundated with so much ‘advertising noise’, so instead turn yours into a conversation. Use it as show and tell! Every day you should market yourself and your business! Just Start!

#5: Do it Over and Over again.

Keep practicing! Just Start .. Again and Again!

Yes! There will be setbacks, there will be days you are kicking rocks. There will be days when you want to bury your head in the sand. It’s OK! Not every day is perfect.

You don’t have to strive for perfection. You just have to strive for ACTION.

Oh and by the way…

The beauty of just going out there and doing it?
Jenn at Do You Bake
You learn as you go. You put into practice what works and what doesn’t. The more ‘at bats’ you get, the better you will become. Practice makes perfect.

I apply this principle in everything. When I had over 120 pounds to lose, I didn’t overthink it. I just started. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months.

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Now two years later, I’m still starting! I re-start my ACTIONS to get to my next goal.

Remember, it takes time! Amazing things do come with your efforts!

Take your little bits and bites out of your business each and every day and I promise you, if you love your products, you love your company, you love your business and you ACT each day, you will build an amazing business!

To YOU and YOUR Success!
Jenn At Do You Bake?

PS: One last note . . .
If you love to read, I recommend you read this: Just Start: Take Action, Embrace Uncertainty, Create the FutureBuy On Amazon by Leonard A Schlesinger.


    Shared by: Yemi:

    Thanks. I want to start my beauty and makeup workshop and I have been putting it off. Reading this has really geared me up. I am going to start and see how it goes. Thanks a million!

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