See The Window Of Opportunity!

Anytime you hear a compliment it is a window of opportunity!

When you hear a compliment offer them something.

A compliment to you or your company at a home party is a moment in time that you should offer the complimenter something.

A Compliment Is A Window Of Opportunity

When some one compliments you they have given you a gift and you should return the favor!
Window Of Opportunity

Most of us tend to say thank you then just carry on with business but when you do that you are missing a window of opportunity.

Look at praise at the party, whether it is for a product, service or your performance or the company itself, as an invitation to market… something… anything!

For example :

You Hear: Wow! You are the best consultant I ever saw!

You say:
Thank you! I love doing this! Would you like me to teach you how?

Thank you, it is so much fun! Would you like me to share with your friends next month?

You Hear: I love the XYZProduct!

You say:
Thank you! It is one of my favorites too! Would you like that added to your order?

Cool! That is my most popular hostess gift. Would you like to get one free at a party at your house?

Yes, It is so awesome that they put it in our super starter kit! Have you ever thought of doing what I do?

You Hear: This was the most fun home party I was ever at!

You Say:

Cool! Would you like me to come to your house for a fun girls’ night out?

Recognize A Compliment As Window

It is simple!

Return the compliment by offering them something!

Don’t let that window of opportunity pass!


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    Thank you! always great ideas! Thanks again.

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