Word Choices That Sell

Make your word choices carefully and your sales, bookings and new consultants will increase!

The good choice of words is always the positive statement.

A positive statement always acts as if it is a done deal.

Word Choices To Close The Deal

Whether you are looking for bookings, sales or new consultants, when you pick your word choices carefully you will close the deal more often.

Pick your words carefully – it takes practice though and the first step is knowing what they are!

Good Word Choices

Good word choices always focus on a positive outcome.direct sales scripts

  • WHEN you host a show…
  • As a new consultant you WILL….
  • At your party you WILL earn….
  • WHEN you sign up…
  • WHEN you schedule a show….
  • Our show is next month and I AM sending out your host packet….
  • This item WILL change your life….

Eliminate These Word Choices

Stop using tentative words that allow for negative results.

Make a plan to eliminate words from your vocabulary that indicate an uncertain outcome such as if or calling to confirm.

Take the time to think about all the one-liners you use during the course of the show.

Script them out as you say them now, then script them out as you will say them in the future, using good word choices.

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