Core Activities In Party Plan

In party plan there are 5 core activities that require your attention. The are:

  1. Leads and/or Bookings
  2. Host / Hostess Coaching
  3. Sales
  4. Recruiting
  5. Team Management

Yes, there are hundreds of other duties, skills and activities that fall under each one but recognizing that there are only 5 base areas of attention required in your business will help you to get organized.

Core Activities In Direct Sales

Below are examples of some of the sub-activities found under each of the core activities in a direct sales business.

  • Bookings: Under the umbrella of bookings is lead generation, calendar management, dating parties and packet assembly, among other things.
  • Host coaching: The ongoing process of teaching your event hosts how to have great events is key to the success of all other activities. Every event has a host who must be guided through the process of working with you in creating a successful sales presentation, whether that be to 1:1 appointments, live or virtual parties or the fundraising event. Your multifaceted job is to guide the host through the entire process from initial booking to product delivery and follow up. This process may be different for each type of event but all are equally important!
  • Sales: This area of focus includes all types of demonstrations, presentations, order taking and submission, customer services, and more.
  • Recruiting: Under the category of direct sales recruiting comes lead generation, interviewing, opportunity literature and new consultant packet assembly, launch training, etc.
  • Team Management: Like all the other core activities, managing a team is a multifaceted operation covering, training, meeting planning, leadership development coaching, recognition and more.

Understand Core Activities

Core Activities
When you understand the core areas of your business life gets easier…

  • You know what to organize.
  • You know what to study.
  • You know how to budget your time.
  • You know on what topics to train your team and how to plan your meetings.

Organization of your home business is a big topic and outside the scope of this article but using your core activities in outline form is a good place for you to start in becoming more organized.

Make an outline of the basic activities that you conduct.  Include all the sub-categories within each area and map out your business in outline form like this:


  • Assemble Host Packets


  • Lead Generation

Social Media Activity
Offline Networking Events
Fundraiser Calls
Vendor Events
Customer Service Calls
Speaking Engagements

  • Lead Follow Up

Offline contacts
Party Leads
Vendor Events
Chamber contact leads

When you take time to map out your office’s core activities, then create systems for each area within the outline, things will start to run like clockwork.

Taking the bookings example (from above), you can now:

  • Write your schedule and budget your time to match those activities.
  • Recognize your weaknesses and sign up for workshops or educational opportunities to improve your skills.
  • Incorporate these areas into your ongoing team training to develop a team that is skilled in the necessary duties to run a direct sales business.

This mapping or planning of your home office duties may be time-consuming and yet the effort pays off in a smooth running machine!

Everything good involves effort!

Whether you use paper and pen, your computer or a mind mapping software, the time invested creates systems that keep working for you long-term.

Like a train or a tank, it is slow to get started, but once moving and flowing it becomes effortless to keep going and will keep rolling along indefinitely!

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