Create Your Future! Read Company Policy!

One thing that they often tell you about direct selling is that you can create your future based on the amount of effort you put into it.

Create your business the way you want it and build your dream come true because you are in the driver’s seat.

What they don’t tell you is that (like most jobs) you can still be fired with little or no justification!

Most direct sales companies include a line like this in their distributor agreement and/or policy:

MyFantasticCompany may cancel this Agreement for any reason upon 30 days advance written notice to Distributor.

Read Company Policy

When was the last time you looked at your company policy? Or maybe I should ask if you have ever read the company policy guidelines?


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Your company has online and general policy guidelines that are written to protect both the distributors and the company.

Every rep should read their company policy so that they really are creating their future and do not get fired!

  • Is there a non-compete clause?

Many companies allow their distributors to be consumers within another company but not reps.

Some allow you to be a rep in 2 companies but only as a lower level distributor. Moving up the ladder often requires a choice of one or the other.

Some companies have a policy that disqualifies you from working in a similar product line for a year after quitting.

It is not unusual to find this in your company policy:

Management level consultants are permitted to participate in other multilevel or direct sales marketing business ventures or marketing opportunities ONLY as a consumer.

I know individuals who have been demoted over this, fired and at least one that is in a terrible lawsuit as a result!

What is your company’s non-compete policy?

Have You Read Online Policy Guidelines?

In the 21st century the online policy guidelines are all over the map regarding social media, blogging, linking, ads and more.

A company can be very conservative to extremely liberal but at the very least all companies protect their logo and brand.

  • What is your company’s logo and image use policy?

Most include a line like this:

Any product image or other copy downloaded from MyFantasticCompany website or reproduced from any printed MyFantasticCompany literature must be used exactly as printed or written. Only MyFantasticCompany -approved images may be used with company logo. All distributor-created graphics that include the MyFantasticCompany  name and/or logo must be approved prior to use.

  • What is the official name for a distributor?

It is important that each and every distributor is recognized as a distributor and not confused by the consumer as being THE company.  This is why direct sales companies have an official name for their reps that must be included in all promotions both online and off.

Often included in online policy is:
All websites, blogs, social pages or online advertising must clearly and conspicuously identify the owner of the site as an “Independent MyFantasticCompany Consultant.” No blind sites, pages or ads are permitted.

Create Your Future!

Create your future….

You are in business for yourself but you cannot do anything you want!

All of the big companies have a whole department dedicated to compliance!!  They will find you sooner or later if you are non-compliant so understanding the policy guidelines will prevent you from getting fired.

I challenge you to read them now and come back and tell us something you learned but did not know.


    Shared by: Jamie:

    This was an eye-opener for me! I guess I glanced at ti policies when I started but just read them in detail and was very surprised at some of what I read.

    It never occurred to me that like a job I could be let go! Thanks for this post!

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