Home Office Email Management Tip

If you are in business and working from home it is essential that you have an email management system.

As a work at home professional I am often amazed at how long it takes to hear back from some business consultants.

#1 Email Management Tip

The best email management tip I can give you is to check your email EVERY day!

email management tipThe first step in managing your email is checking it every day if not 3-4 times daily.

Part of the reason most people cannot manage their email is that they only check it weekly and then have so many messages to download that it is impossible to deal with.

The absolute minimum should be once a day!

Home Office Email System

I get 300-500 emails a day and only about 50 are action-based with maybe another 50 that need read and that is it. 

Keeping the home office inbox clean and all pending action emails visible in one window is a system that is key to managing your inbox.

This simple system will help make your home office email management a breeze:

  • Open and check your email daily.
  • After they all download click and hold the ctrl button found on the the bottom left of your keyboard.
  • Highlight one email at a time that you want to delete (skip the ones you want to keep) by using your mouse and clicking on the subject line while still holding down the ctrl button.
  • When you have a column of emails highlighted just push delete and they all go away.
  • Deal with the ones you can and leave those in the inbox that you want to deal with later
  • If you have any that you are done with and you want to save, drag them to a folder on the side for future reference

system of email management
Just like that!


The only thing left are the ones that you want to deal with.

Automatically delete anything that has been forwarded more than once, obvious spam, etc.

You can take this one further step and if you have a few emails in a row that you plan to delete just follow the above procedure of clicking and holding the ctrl button.

Then with the mouse click the first one that you want to delete. Keeping the ctrl button down and also push the shift button with the same hand and then click the last email in the column that you want deleted and you will highlight every email in between.

System To Manage Email

Email management is simple when you do not let your email manage you.

It is currently 2:30 PM and at this writing I have received 194 emails with only 22 being response required. I checked my email at 8:00 AM and again at 2:00.

I deleted most of them, made a few quick responses and am headed to get a haircut. The ones left in my inbox will be dealt with when I get back.

This email management tip, along with a spam filter that you can “train” by setting rules, will allow you to make more money working from home.

Keep your email clean and timely and y0ur home office will run more smoothly. If you are not checking your email daily then chances are you are losing business as a result.


    Shared by: Donna Dunn:

    Thanks for a timely reminderd

    Shared by: Maria:

    Just what I needed today. I was ready to cancel email completely to make it all just go away- ha ha!
    Need to take time to opt out of newsletter stuff too, but keeping yours 🙂 Thanks.

    Shared by: Cheryl:

    Exactly what I do! Deleting the unnecessary is the key!

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      yes and occasionally checking your spam folder too! Thanks, Cheryl!

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