Business Activities To Do When Traveling & No Internet

While traveling recently I posted the following comment on Facebook:

Usually when flying I use the no internet air time to get ahead on blog post writing.

I seem to have writer’s block…

Do you have any topic ideas?

Smartypants Christine Benko of South Hill Designs & Steeped Tea chirped up:

“Business activities you can do when traveling with no internet!”

So here we go…

No Internet Business Activities

Making a plan for your traveling home office on the go will ensure that you do not waste those pockets of down time.

Deb’s top 5 home business activities to do when traveling with┬áno internet available:

  • Write blog articles: Use your phone or tablet and compose an email or text to yourself. I actually write many of my posts this way.

It is a great use of any down time whether you are in a waiting room or an airplane. If there is no internet connection then save them as drafts and/or send and the email will go out and come back to you as soon as you return to connection.

An app like Evernote works well too but I like sending the article to myself and having it show up in my inbox.

  • Write thank you notes: Real live physical in-the-mail thank you notes are a wonderful gift in our harsh technology-driven world.

Keep a pouch of blank notes and a list of those you owe in your traveling office at all times. A sincere thank you note is always appreciated and timing is not an issue. Better late than never.

  • Organize a to-do list: This is a great one to do on your way home from an event like the national conference or a company incentive trip.

Whether traveling home from vacation or returning from a company event, chances are your head is spinning with ideas and things to do when you get back in the office.

Make 3 lists. Personally I prefer real paper in three columns of to-do:

ASAP – Soon – Someday

Chances are you have lots of notes, scraps of paper and business ideas from the last few days so while everything is still clear in your mind get it organized. When you get back in the office you can hit the ground running.

  • Hostess coaching postcards: Like thank you notes, post cards to your hosts are always well received and make for a better party.

Always add a ‘personal’ hand-written note to your clip art cards. This can be done en masse, leaving a space for the hostess’ name which you can add later.

This was my number one airplane activity when I was doing 20 shows a month and sending each host 4 postcards!
business activities

  • Clean out your inbox: Any emails that were downloaded before you lost connection are in your inbox even when you are not connected.

Use your down time to delete any spammy or no action-required emails leaving only actionable messages to deal with later.

Written specifically for Christine Benko on an airplane with no internet connection!

Of course you can always take funny airplane pictures and edit them in PicArt to share in social sites later and play Tetris as well!


    Shared by: search:

    This post provides clear idea designed for the new users of blogging,
    that really how to do running a blog.

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Thanks, Norma – it is such a great topic (the traveling office) that we already have a blog post on that!

    Shared by: Norma:

    Great ideas Deb! One quick question – what do you use and put in your “traveling office”? This would be a great topic!! ;o) I too like the old way with papers, file cards, etc. so love that you do too!! Too many things done on computer programs and if there is no computer guess what? You are writing articles on what to do when no Internet! xox

    Shared by: Deidra Puller:

    AWESOME article! I just got back from a vacation and chose to spend my time listening to an audio book, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. I will definitely save these tips for my next trip!

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    It was fun writing the article….
    When I look at that airplane picture now on the PC it looks like a fake but it is the one I took out my window on the plane!

    Shared by: Billie:

    Thanks Deb, I especially like the idea of using no-internet-time for reading/catching up and for staying organized, like writing lists!

    Shared by: Carrie:

    Great article Deb. I’ll be traveling to conference in 4 days and I am making a list of items for my traveling office as I type this!

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