Save Tax Dollars On Personal Trips

One of the easiest ways to save tax dollars is to have a home business.

I am writing this as I return from a personal vacation trip to Japan. The trip to Japan with my mother to see my sister was not a business trip.  Saving Tax Dollars
Before leaving I knew I would deduct some of the expenses from my taxes but I was not sure exactly how I would justify that.

Save Tax Dollars

During the weeks leading up to departure I posted several times on my business FB page asking if any Cash Flow Show followers wanted a postcard.

Before leaving the states I set up my business phone to immediately forward into voicemail then send me the message via email transcription. I could then return the necessary calls, keep up on business and still control long distance rates.

My climb up Mt Fuji was certainly not a business expense but I did work my business while hiking. Many of the photos are now already in the process of being converted into motivational messages for the various social site sharing.

(Photo: Taken by Deb Bixler – half way up Mt. Fuji 2016 – note the shadow of Fuji on the valley below!)

I met an Avon lady at the base station of Mt Fuji and we discussed sales and the CFS Radio. She took my card and promised to tune in!

On inspiration I started a study of Japanese food offerings while there. Being (a chef) in the food education business it will come in handy and I plan to schedule a Japanese cooking class this Winter

The Cash Flow Show Radio broadcast the day after I get back features adventures in business. I will share my Japanese trip and 3 guests will be telling their funny business stories told in an earlier CFS sweepstakes.

And of course now I am blogging about the trip too!

Saving Tax Dollars

It is easy to save tax dollars even in your personal adventures when you work from home. This trip I will deduct the following from my taxes:

  • Internationally dialing and texting.
  • Postcards and postage (over 50 sent).
  • Travel to souvenir shops and postal services twice.
  • Mt Fuji cab ride to base station, food for hike and souvenirs.
  • All the food purchased at the grocery stores where photos were taken for the food study.
  • 2 meals in restaurants (and cab fare) of the food items that will included in the cooking class.

All of the above items would have been personal expenses but with diligent record keeping and awareness they became business expenses.

Be aware of your business, work it at all times and you too can save tax dollars enjoying life!

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