Write A Schedule For Productivity

All successful businesses have a schedule of operation.

It is important for home based business consultants to write a schedule for several reasons.

Write A Schedule!

One is that a busy hard copy calendar at your home party will do more for bookings at your direct selling parties than you could ever imagine!
write a schedule
The urgency that you can establish using a physical calendar at your party is hard to beat!

In addition, when you put time into writing a schedule it is an investment that makes you more proactive in your business.

Working a home-based business always involves an investment. The time it takes you to think about and write a schedule for yourself is an investment in time but also creates an emotional investment that makes you more proactive in business.

WAH Consultants MUST Work To Get Paid

We all joined the work at home (WAH) business model for a reason, and for many that was better control over time. You still must go to work in order to get paid.

For some this self motivation is difficult.

A WAH consultant who thinks and plans ahead for each week just as if you had to “go to work” will get a lot more done. One of the fallacies of working at home is that you can fit it in between other tasks.  A schedule will prioritize your business and ensure that you actually create a paycheck.

Consultants Need A Day Off

Some consultants working from home (like me) have the opposite problem.

They never take a day off. Having a work at home schedule will help to give you a break. When you take a real day off and not work 24/7 you will be more productive when you are in the office.

In addition, your work schedule will help to keep the lines clear.  Are you working and doing laundry?

If so, one or the other is not being done correctly and most likely it is your business efforts that are suffering. Multitasking is OK but studies have shown that contrary to what most people think, we are not doing as good a  job on either task.

When you schedule your personal and business time, you will create better quality time in both areas.

WAH Family Knows You Actually Work

Have you ever been told by the family member who “goes to work” to: mop the floor, do the laundry and get some groceries while he/she is away?

Often times it is difficult for people with “real jobs” to understand that you are actually working too while they are away. A written schedule that goes a step further and is even posted for the whole family to see will give your work at home time more respect.

When the kids and spouse see your schedule they will realize the importance of your home business.

How Much Time Should You Schedule?

When you write your schedule it is important to be realistic about how much time it takes to generate the cash flow that you desire. How much time does it REALLY take to do your home business and generate the income you are looking for?

One way to think about it is this:

  • Do you want a full time pay check? Then, schedule a full time commitment of time, maybe 34-40 hours per week.
  • Do you want a part time pay check? Then, schedule part time hours of about 16-30 hours per week.

Another way to think about it if you are in party plan is:

  • If you want your business to stay exactly the same as it is now then schedule about 6 hours a week for each desired show that you want to do per week. That would be four hours out of the house per show and 2 hours office time per show.
  • If you want your business to grow then schedule 8 hours per show. 4 hours for each show out of the house and 4 hours office time or lead generation time.

Write A Schedule & Post It

A schedule that is written and “posted” is an effective tool and a path to your profit goals.  Post it in a variety of ways:

  • On the fridge for the whole family to see
  • In your computer/phone for your personal reference
  • On a physical calendar to show at the home party (looking busy will help with bookings)
  • Put your scheduled office hours on your answering machine and guests will know what to expect

When you have a “real job” and work the schedule someone else gives you, if you call off or are sick, then chances are you do not get paid unless you make up that time.

The same applies to your home business.

One of the benefits of working from home is we can work our own schedule and change it at will. Remember if you don’t go to work on a scheduled day, give your business the priority it deserves and make up that time on another day.


    Shared by: jaime:

    You know what, I’m very much inclined to agree. After I started scheduling my time both personal and business I started enjoying my business more and my off time was of better quality.

    Shared by: Janine Doney:

    I use this all the time. I am a super busy mum, party planner, part time employee and team manager. If you want to book with me you have to fit in to my schedule. I showed one of my team my calendar as an example of front loading your month and encouraging people to book in quick and she said “I wish I had your calendar” .
    Then she went out and got 5 bookings. And I thought “Deb would be so proud” haha.

    Shared by: Peterlyn Wezt:

    This is the most realistic + practical advice I
    ‘ve read from online “Sales Gurus” about planning for time per party, scheduling the year, etc. Great Stuff 🙂

    Shared by: Mary Mader:


    I am so excited! Since listening and doing what you have taught over the last few months, i booked my first jewelry party with Personal Accounts (part of Amway.) I don’t have the jewelry yet for the party but I am working on buying a few pieces for the party.

    Second I am hosting an Open House- Taste of Tuscany event- lite food, wine, door prizes and showcase my products to let all my friends know what I have been doing and what I sell so they can tell their friends.

    Third, I was invited to attend an Open house event at a golf course and do some networking, and I am looking into doing the Farmers Market in July for one day a week to do some networking!

    I also am doing a 10 minute show and tell and the DSWA chapter meeting in a few weeks! I am confident by listening to you on the world talk radio and your other words of wisdom that I will be able to dig myself out of this financial whole after loosing my corporate job in December.

    Thank you!

    Shared by: Kirstin:

    Great commonsense advice. Now if only I could follow it!

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