Create A Time Spending Plan

Lyndsey Baigent was our guest expert and boy did she have some great ideas on creating a time spending plan or writing a schedule!

A awesome show on home office organization!

Listen to the first set here and/or visit the host page to tune in to the full broadcast through 5/1/19.

Time Spending Plan

A time spending plan is just like a financial spending plan except time is your valuable. Time is actually more valuable than money since it is irreplaceable.

Time Spending PlanWhen it is gone, it is gone…

  1. Make a list of your weekly activities
  2. Determine how much time in a week. (168 hours)
  3. Deduct the must-haves like sleep time and meal times
  4. List your time use in priorities
  5. Match your time to your expenses to your goals
  6. Review the plan
  7. Update it week to week

When it is gone, it is gone. Though similar to a schedule, a time spending plan is more fun.

We all like to buy, so this is a way that you buy down your 168 hours each week.

Take a look at your desired outcomes for the week and determine what activities must take place to achieve them. Be sure to include your personal activities as well as all the profit-producing tasks for your business.

Then decide how many hours it will take to conduct those tasks and slot the hours into your time spending plan!

Make sure your time is productive!

Listen to the full broadcast of Lyndsey’s time spending plan daily thorough 5/1/19 on the home business radio show page.

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