Use 3 Contact System To Coach Host

It is all about your attitude and willingness to guide your hostess to a great show.

Hostess coaching is key to your business success!

Host coaching can be defined in many ways.

  • It is partnering with your host.
  • Host coaching is teaching the host how to have a terrific show.
  • Host coaching is your job.
  • Host coaching is showing the host you care about her.
  • Host coaching is good customer service.
  • Host coaching is the backbone of your business.

3 Contact System

A 3 contact system of reaching out to your hostess using every resource available to you is the way to ensure that every hostess has a great show and gets the maximum benefits.
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Post cards, emails, phone calls, one on one, web blasts, at the show, or in person over tea, text, email, Facebook……

In today’s hectic lifestyle it is important to develop a system of host coaching that touches the host in a variety of different ways.

Everything listed above should be incorporated into your system so that one of your hosts does not fall through the cracks.

A system of host coaching that reaches out to every personality in a systematic fashion will guarantee a cash flow of almost double your company average! 
The 3 Contact System

This system of hostess coaching is part of the Cash Flow Show premier party plan sales training product.

Contact #1

This will be about 1-5 days after the host gets her planner.

The main purpose of this call is to get her started, get her or him to start some action and give her an overview of the plan.

To inspire the host to do something… to get your host to see the big picture.

I would recommend that whatever tool your company gives you to give to your host, such as a host flier or overview paper, or a specific page in the catalog, or something that explains the benefits, that is the tool to use as your starter script.

Fine tune the script by writing on and highlighting the actual flier. When you make the call ask, him/her to get the flier then you and s/he both look at the same document as you talk, only yours has extra notes on it.

Contact #2

The goal of the second contact/call is to leave a message on the machine.

I recommend something like this:

“This is Deb, with MyFantasticCompany, just calling to see if you need anything.

Oh, I see our show is only about 2 weeks away, if you haven’t done so yet now is the perfect time to send out the invitations, and don’t forget, as they RSVP remind them to bring a guest or an order and get a free gift.

If they cannot make it, it is a perfect time to ask them what they would like for themselves. Don’t forget that when you have 8 orders when I arrive, you will get a free XXX and those extra orders will also push our show up to higher levels.

When you hand out the books, be sure to point out to everyone that the XZXZ is on sale. Don’t hesitate to call if you need more catalogs or invitations. If I do not hear from you I will call a couple days before the show to talk about directions and our final details. Call if you need anything; talk to you soon.”

Contact #3

Call and contact #3 is exactly 3 days before the show.

If you cannot do it 3 days out, then do it 4 and make another call the day before.

In this call you are asking them to give everyone a call and remind them of the show. Be sure to tell them why they should make the reminder calls.

Whenever you tell your host to do something you always want to tell them why, or they won’t do it.

Say something like this:

“Sally, I know that you are really busy but if you have time to give everyone a call and remind them of our show, it will make a big difference in the number of people who actually show up.

Call all the yeses because they may have said yes last week, then this week they forget to come, call all the no’s and the maybes, because if their plans have changed and they know that you really want them, then they will show up.

A reminder call really makes a big huge difference in the number of guests who show up. The reminder call will boost your benefits to the next level, for sure! Tell our guest to bring a friend or an order and they get a free gift.”

Don’t expect them to call 40 people in one day.

And don’t say all of that in one breath. Remember to share for less than 10 seconds and ask another question. Unless it is an answering machine, then you can say it in one breath if you can!


    Shared by: Phyllis O'Neill:

    It’s “our” business … we partner with our hosts, but it’s really up to US to do everything we can for our hosts to have a successful party. The 3 contact system is awesome!!! 🙂

    Shared by: Julie Erickson:

    I am on Phyllis’ team and really like your 3 contact system. I think this is a place that I need to focus on. I have always been motivated to host great parties so I know how to succeed but I forget that not everyone is like me. They need to be told and encouraged to follow thru. Thank you!

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