8 Orders Before The Show

Old school techniques and trainers used to say – there are 3 parts to every show, before – during – after, and when you have orders in all parts then the show will be a $1000+ event.

With the onset of virtual events some of the old school techniques have been forgotten but this is still a viable concept both online and off.

You must have orders before the show in order to get orders after the show! Confused? Read on!

8 Orders Before The Show

Coach all your hosts to have 8-10 orders before the show so that it is easy to get orders after the show too.

When you are getting your host started on the planning of the show (any show virtual or live) plant the seeds of sales before the show.
Coach The Hostess

Start out by asking how many catalogs she/he would like to have for collecting orders from the guests who cannot make it. Offer catalogs to your Facebook party host too!
(Read more about host coaching online parties here.)

When you ask how many catalogs she/he wants, be sure to explain what they are for…. guests who cannot make it to the show.

Make sure your website is easy to remember, easy to say and that the hostess knows it by heart! Get a redirect domain!

“Our goal is 8 orders before our event (or before our FB party starts) – this will guarantee a great event!!!  Your friends can order online at www.SallyLovesScents.com or by catalog – how many would you like to have to circulate around to those who cannot make it?”

Your Attitude Determines Your Sales

home party consultantsYour attitude must be that all shows have orders before the party begins! When you position yourself as such it is not being pushy, it is just a fact!

During all  your communication with the host, act as if it is normal to get sales before the show and it WILL happen!!

The Secret To Sales After The Party

Prior show sales will generate the sales after the party because the books are out, the attendees are telling their friends; the wheels are in motion, the hostess is psyched and the orders keep coming in!

It is easy for the host to do quick follow up calls and generate those last orders from those who said they would come and did not!

The secret to sales after the show is the sales before the show because you cannot stop a moving train!

Tips For More Orders

Increase outside orders before and after the show by:

  • On your first host coaching call be sure your host understands the details of gathering orders.
  • Take the time to explain how the order forms work, how to add the tax, take credit cards, how to have checks made out, etc.
  • Tell her/him to point out specific items such as the monthly special, discontinued items or their favorite product so that the guests go more slowly through the books.
  • Ask the host what their favorite product is, then give them the word choices to use and tell them why.

“When you hand out the catalogs, tell the guests, my favorite product is XYZ…. When you do this Lisa, the guests look more closely at the catalogs and tend to find more things they want.”

When the host is comfortable, then you both benefit.

Every time you speak to the host remind them that the goal is to have 8 orders before the show and what the benefit is to them.

You can even do some host coaching at the current shows for the benefit of future hosts… Say things to the audience during the party like:

“Mary has a terrific show before we even get started because she already has 8 orders!”

When you act as if it is normal then everyone will have the same attitude!

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