Coach 1:1 Sales Appointments – Present To 2 Plus

Wouldn’t it be great if you could present to two or more people at every 1:1 sales appointment?

When you coach 1:1 appointment hosts you WILL!!

Every event you schedule has a host, even a 1:1 appointment!

The one person you are meeting is your host. Hostess coaching is one of the core activities in party plan!

Every host deserves your attention!

Host Coach 1:1 Events

After your 1:1 appointment is dated, that is immediately after, say: If you have a friend who would enjoy our products too, bring her/him along too!

Give the 1:1 host a catalog and write the date of the appointment on the front cover.

Coach 1:1 With 3 Contacts

The 3 contact system would apply to the 1:1 appointment. It just needs modified a bit!

1st Contact:
The first contact is always to inspire the host to take action and remind them why they scheduled an event.

Coach The Hostess

Ask them to look through the catalog then circle in the book the things that they are interested in.

Mention again that it is cool to bring a friend and make it a 1+2! Talk about the relaxing fun factor, the educational value and any other benefits of the get-together.

The average 1 plus 2 generates $100 sales per person so tell your host about the possible discount involved by bringing a friend.

I love a quick postcard too if it is more than a couple of weeks away. A confirmation postcard shows you are professional, serious and confirms the date in your host’s mind as well. The postcard is often put on the refrigerator or bulletin board as a constant reminder.

2nd Contact:
Find out if the host has turned the event into a 1 plus 2 then talk a bit more about the host benefits and ask if she would like some postcards or an electronic e-vite to share with more people.

Ask them what they have circled in the book so that you can plan what to demo at the event.

You may even want to tell her/him that the average 1+ event generates $100 per person in sales and that will give her/him more free items.  Plus the event will be more fun too! A mention of outside orders would be appropriate as well!

If the 1:1 is in a public location like a coffeeshop it would be a nice gesture and effective to tell them you are buying coffee all around!

Since they do have a catalog, if they ask someone to join them who cannot make it, remind them to offer the book and gather extra orders if there is interest. This all benefits your host in creating the possibility of an actual show with benefits.

3rd Contact
The last contact is for final details. In a 1:1 that means confirm the time and address of the location. Will you reserve a table and if so what name will it be under?

Like hostess coaching for a live event, the reminder phone call will make a huge impact! Ask your host to call the add on guests and remind them and if something changes offer the book because even a 1:1 appointment gets extra credit for outside orders.

Wouldn’t it be great if every 1:1 appointment was two or even three?

When you coach 1:1 appointments they will be!! Take the ideas above and make a list of how you will coach your appointments.

Start doubling your sales at every event!
Make every 1:1 appointment host happier too!

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