Coach The Hostess For ALL Type Parties

The way you coach the hostess in the 21st century may require more types of communication but the actual act itself is not all that different!

A direct sales business, or any business for that matter, cannot be only online or only offline! Offering a wide variety of parties and services is essential to the modern party plan consultant!

Once those events are scheduled, it is equally essential to coach the hostess or guide the event organizer through various techniques of hostess coaching, to a successful result!

It is your job and one of the core activities in party plan!

Coach The Hostess For Every Event

When you offer many services such as the home party, the catalog party, a virtual party, fund-raiser events, speaking workshops and more, each and every one of those organizers should be coached to success.

It is your job to coach the host, no matter what kind of event it is!!

How To Coach The Host In 21st Century

The modern party plan distributor must reach out to their hosts or event organizers using all technology available and connect using BOTH old school and new school techniques!

Coach The Hostess

Consider the organizer of every event you schedule the host, whether that be the church pastor or band leader of a fundraising event, or the organizer of your free workshop at the Y or just someone who scheduled a 1:1.

Once an event is dated then coach the hostess by customizing the 3 contact system and every event will be the best it can be!

Learn more about how to coach the hostess in ALL types of party formats in the 21st Century Guide To Host Coaching for the modern distributor!

When was the last time you were watching TV and someone said, check us out of Facebook, or go to our website, or download our app?

Successful businesses connect offline and online to meet people where they are. Get it?
Like the weatherman you must coach the host by making connections in all areas of their lives!

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