How To Have Great Fundraising Parties

Fundraising parties are something that all party plan consultants should seek out.

When you make a specific effort to target groups and organizations that need to raise money it will keep your business strong!

Why Target Fundraising Parties?

You should target fundraiser parties for several reasons:

  • Everyone wants to raise money so the market is huge!
  • Fundraisers can be high volume when you “host coach” them properly
  • You are giving back to the community
  • People participate in fundraisers who will NEVER attend a home party
  • You add leads to your business that are totally unrelated to your data base

Host Coaching For Huge Fundraising Parties

fundraising partiesIt is essential that you hostess coach your fundraiser organizer so that every show is huge!

Consider the organizer your host.

In order to have a great fundraising party focus less on getting a lot of people to a demonstration and more on making sure those who do come bring LOTS of orders!

The goal is to get everyone who comes to the demonstration to show up with LOTS of orders from their friends, family and neighbors.

With proper coaching you can have every fundraiser event come in at $2000 plus! Get excited and get your contact excited about the potential and you will end up with a huge show.

If it is a church, then everyone in the church should be collecting orders from their friends and family.

If it is a school band, then every student and Mom should be collecting orders from their family, work, and neighborhood.

Basically, each and every member of the organization should show up with orders as if they were a separate show, but you are submitting them all under the one umbrella of the organization.

How To Have Great Fundraising Parties

  • Get the group organizer psyched up: Just like coaching a home party hostess, help the organizer with word choices and give them guidance on how to succeed. Say things like “When we have 20 people each bringing in $200 worth of orders the group will earn $300.”Hostess Coaching
  • Give lots of catalogs: When you encourage your fundraiser coordinator to engage the entire membership into collecting orders from family and friends you should be prepared to give out LOTS of catalogs. “How many members will be collecting orders?” Then give them 3 catalogs each!
  • Set up a time table to coach the organizer. Touch base often. Remind her/him “The group gets extra credit for every show scheduled!”
  • Give them simple instructions: A written description of order-taking procedure that is simple to understand should be taped to every catalog.
  • Offer a prize: Everyone who brings $100 in orders to the show gets…. The top 2 people with the most paid-for outside orders gets a ….
  • Offer a bookings bonus! You can really increase your bookings on fundraisers by putting an added bonus on for the person who connects the booking as well as a monetary bonus for the group.
  • Schedule order processing before and after the demo: Plan to get to the show before the demo starts to process orders.
  • Keep your demo short and to the point!

Excited Consultant = Great Fundraiser Show Benefits

fundraising partiesIf you do not think that the benefits of fundraiser shows are worth it, then they won’t be. You need to be psyched about them in order to get your organizers or groups excited.

Oftentimes the benefits of hosting a fundraiser for the consultant are not as good as the commission on a regular show. This should not deter you!!

You will more than make it up for any reduced commission percentages in sales volume and bookings.

If you feel that your company’s fundraiser benefits are not adequate then enhance them.

What Is YOUR Highest Fundraiser Show?

When I was in the field each March I provided fundraiser services to a high school marching band. I give them 65 catalogs. The show has ranged from $4000-4800 each year!

Get your organizers psyched up! Teach them how to upsell and give a bookings bonus and it will pay off!

Please share below what your highest fundraiser show has been and tips that made the event a success!


    Superb blog you have here but I was wanting to know if you knew of any forums that cover the same topics talked about here? I’d really love to be a part of community where I can get opinions from other knowledgeable individuals that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Kudos!

    Shared by: Alice Burruss:

    Great tips Deb! Great idea on coaching the organizer and getting everyone involved in helping with orders. I agree with Wendy on the tips with taping the instructions to catalog

    Shared by: Wendy Bach:

    Awesome tips Deb! I so agree that host coaching the organizer is key to success. I also appreciated your tip on taping the instructions to the front of the catalogue.

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