Keep January Hostess Parties Solid

There are a few things you can do over the next 4 weeks to keep your January dates solid!

It is important to stay in touch but to not be a pest during the holidays.

December is a time that almost all cultures are celebrating something so get your first call for the January host made NOW!

Coach January Hostess Parties

Call your January hosts in early December and do your usual 1st of the 3 contact coaching calls. Be thorough.

Go over all the details of a successful party and say:

As you create your holiday card list, give everyone a call and personally invite them to our January show. Tell them to mark the calendar and then we will send out the invitations after the holidays.

After that just put the host packet on the shelf and enjoy the holidays. After the holidays are over I will be in touch to make sure it is a terrific show.

You Must Stay In Touch With January Host

Don’t be a pest but stay in touch and add value for the January host.

Our goal is to keep them in tune with WHY they scheduled a January show and to add value to their holiday experience.

    1. Call them now for the first hostess coaching phone call.
    2. Send them a real post office-mailed holiday card!

This is the inside text of the actual Christmas card I am sending this year.
HostessParties-HolidayCard You can see the snowman cheese ball on this post about Winter theme parties.

  1. Send them a real post office-mailed postcard with a holiday value tip: Like the one pictured at the top of this page or a simple clip art post card this could be a recipe, a craft, a DIY centerpiece, just a quick entertaining tip or anything that relates to your product line.
  2. Send them another post card with another value-added tip:  Just like above… how can you add value to their holidays?
  3. Get the invitations out after Christmas or New Years depending on the show date.

On the back of your cards hand-write a greeting and remind them of the party. Share something about why they picked a great month to host a party.

You can make a nice holiday postcard using images or clip art or you can buy one and write your value-added message on the back.

Follow Up With A Call To Keep Dates Solid

Then, if the party is before the 15th of January, call them between Christmas and New Years and get those invitations in the mail.

If the party is after the 15th of January call them just after January 1st.

Resume your calls with the 2nd contact call which is exactly when they/you should be sending out the invitations.

Stay in touch, add value and point out the benefits of a January show and your dates will hold firm!

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